Know The Carcinogenic Foods Gulping With Delight


Carcinogens – Did you ever ask yourself, what’s on your platter?

A full course healthy diet or spoon-full of toxic element! Food is something which can hurt and can heal, so you should better know your platter. In the world of pollution and adulterated food, India has witnessed a steep rise in the cancer cases in last two decades. The shocking data reveals that the mortality rate because of cancer is much higher in India compared to the west.

Here in this write-up, we would like to share some information to help you know about the carcinogenic food items present in your diet regime.

When you know the root cause of some disease, then it is much easier to beat the ailment black & blue.


Carcinogens are the cancer-causing agents, which directly attacks the DNA, causing it to mutate, which results into cancer in the being. Though ‘cancer’ is just a word, but it is enough to ruin a person and their family. If not careful, then one can very easily fall prey to this scariest disease. One’s daily food intake and the sedentary lifestyle in today’s world, makes them susceptible to this ailment.


There are various types of cancer, which the human body is vulnerable to. Some of them are esophagus, lungs, stomach, liver, blood, prostrate, breast, uterus to name a few. With each passing day, different parts keep on adding to the list. Other than UV rays, pollution, the food items on our platter also contributes to this fatal disease. We would list down some such items which are turning out to be carcinogens ;

  • Early morning cannot be imagined without a cup of brewing tea or coffee, right? Some people love to have tea or coffee very hot. According to some researches, it is concluded that, gulping down a cup of hot beverage of 65-degree C or above, may result in cancer. So, experts suggest enjoying the hot drink slowly, rather than quaffing down immediately.
  • Refined sugar is infamous for causing diabetes, it increases the blood sugar level. Hence, compromises with the glucose level. As a result, this increased level of glucose feeds the cancer cells to grow, which needs high energy. Next time you add a spoonful of refined sugar, mind the measure.
  • Sizzlers and barbequedfood items just keep us drooling. The heterocyclic aromatic amines present in the grilled foods are considered to be carcinogenic. Not only that, the molecular level of the dish is affected by grilling especially if it is chicken, this structural change makes the tasty food toxic. The best option is to enjoy baked or boiled dishes.
  • When the food is baked, fried or grilled above 120-degree C, it creates acrylamide a carcinogenic element. The French fries and potato wafers, the common companion of the youth contains acrylamide in it, because of the process of preparation.
  • Pickles the best complimentary thing in your platter, which makes the boring dishes mouth-watering is also in the list of carcinogens. It is better to avoid, especially when it’s very salty.
  • The best appetizers after a heavy meal for today’s world is a glass of soda or any aerated drink. Did you know that two soft drinks a week can make your pancreas susceptible to pancreatic cancer? The chemical additives, sugar and caffeine contaminates the purported great appetizer. Replace it with a glass of warm lime & salt water.
  • “Too much of something is always bad!” same is the case with alcohol. Moderate consumption of alcohol is a part of healthy life. But, when you start consuming it on regular basis, then you are opening the door of oncologist for yourself. So, better keep it safe for occasions, rather than making it an addiction. Cheers!
  • Regular consumption of refined white bread can push you closer to this scariest disease. The white flour bleached or unbleached contains high level of saturated fats, that may cause breast cancer in long run.
  • The chemical used for preservation in the hydrogenated oil, makes it a carcinogenic component, which you must avoid for staying healthy.
  • Limit your intake of red meat to around 250-300gms a week, to escape the wrath of the deadly disease. As studies have found that, regular intake of the sumptuous red meat can open the doors for the carcinogens to enter your body. Breast, colon & prostate cancers are caused by consumption of excess red meat.

After going through the list of fistful items, you must be wondering, what a boring thing? Before you turn a blind eye, make sure you have accomplished all your dreams. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, try to cut off the cancer cuisine from your diet regime. We all know at least one family who has been ruined by cancer. It is not only absorbs royalty, but it is also very painful; for the patients and also for their loved ones.


Before I keep my pen down, I would love to share some of the foods which can help you to avoid this disease and make you healthy enough to help the one-suffering from cancer. Broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes, and turmeric are the few vegetables, that can introduce cancer-fighting benefits in your diet.


So, exercise daily, have lots of water and fresh fruits and preservative-free food to live a happy and healthier life. Sedentary and luxury is a toxic combination, more you indulge in activities, healthier you are. A very good quote to sign off “No matter what the statistics say, there is always a way”. We believe you can do it! Take Care.

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