How Important It Is To Take a Break From The Noisy World

noisy world

Noisy world – Signs that you have a strong mind is not being able to align yourself with the noisy world, on the contrary, the world doesn’t hear you.

It is always important hence to take a personal inventory and spend time with oneself, that is how the floodgates of your thoughts open thereby making you wiser. You only talk when you are distant from your thoughts and there is an arresting strangeness in the solitariness that many don’t understand.

We have always noticed people gorging on a tasty meal sitting all alone in a restaurant or strutting completely unaccompanied in the streets hopping from this shopping destination to that, are the people who love themselves. Then there people who are wrested out of power to put up with the snarling urbanity and go on a solo trip to acquire best experiences. They would make stories out of them weaving with golden thread of thoughts and channel them through generations. That’s how people inspire, that’s how stories perpetuate and become immortalised. This all happens when you snap ties with the noisy bustling world that only demands.

Pretty inadvertently, we soak into the formidability of the social media too which only frustrates. It is pretty hard to stick to your basic daily routine when social media gives you glossy life goals. It is like a wild goose chase nonetheless. That abject surrender to frail superficiality drains us out of our mental peace in more ways than one. Then, the modern dating scene doesn’t go without being mentioned. It is like that quicksand that whose grip is expanding and magnetism is increasing with every passing minute. People, who are seemingly unhappy and lonely in their personal lives are turning to online love and ending up agonized.

One more thing that is worth mentioning is the corporate encumbrances where the career ladder is steep and in order to be successful, people are always living on the edge. It is pretty frustrating to see the cocksure fools getting promotions by virtue of oiling and wise still striving to learn more from their mistakes and holding on to their ethical ground. It is noisy, the thoughts of drowning are disappointing and one needs to go easy oneself sometimes to listen to his inner self. It is really necessary to start taking the journey within oneself for a better future. You need to turn your back towards the arduous world for this to begin with and seek refuge to something that is a healing drive for your soul.

This reminds us of the Simon and Gurfunkel’s song ‘Sound of Silence’ which rings true with this situation. To balance yourself in the noisy world, you sometimes need to expose yourself to the sound of silence, which is reverberating is you lend an ear.

Troubled waters are not meant to last, they are transitory but you need to put yourself together by finding the meaning of your existence. That is how you make your life worth living!


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