These Are The Last Photographs Of Your Favourite Rockstars Just Before Their Death

Photographs of rockstars before death

Photographs of rockstars before death – Rockstars are looked up to for their opulent lifestyle and wayward whims.

Take for instance, Michael Jackson, who went under the knife to change his skin colour from black to white and that brought him all the perils and eventually turned lethal for him. Then there is Keith Moon, who is deemed to be the most insane rockstar ever who would make mountain out of a molehill if everything wasn’t in order, that ranges from demolishing the hotel toilets or hitting the road with an enormous supply of cherry bombs, he made it a point to raise a furore always.

He was eventually banned from every holiday inn. However, there are a slew of instances and it will take dawn to dusk to round them up. However, we still hold them dear for their contribution to music and the earworms they gave us for generations.

Here are some photographs of rockstars before death just before their death will leave you in complete splits.

Photographs of rockstars before death –

1 – Freddy Mercury:

The Rock band Queen owes a great deal to this talented and revolutionary musician who could dish out any music effortlessly, of course he possessed that innate talent to do so. He was afflicted with HIV/AIDs and died right after finishing his recording for ‘The Show Must Go On” .

2 – David Bowie:

He had that glam quotient all right  and we still mourn his loss which occurred in the year 2016. Death should not have been in his cards back then because he was still on the height of his success. He was diagnosed with liver cancer which claimed his life.

3 – John Lennon:

The black day of the history of music was 8th December 1980 when John Lennon passed away. It was a gut-wrenching death for him when gunman Mark Chapman shot him dead from a close range. In this picture, he is ironically signing an autograph for the killer. The killer later was sentenced for life but eventually allowed parole.

4 – Amy Winehouse:

Not too long ago she passed away under mysterious circumstances. It is understood that she died of alcohol poisoning on 23rd July, 2011 and abandoned the music scene rendering it desolate. This photo was taken right before her death and we feel so heartbroken to even look at this.

5 – Jim Morrison:

His death is the unravelled mystery of all time and there was a void after his death in the world music scene. It was too early to die for him, at the age of 27 but the cause of his death is yet to be known.

6 – Kurt Cobain:

It is widely known that Kurt Cobain, the legendary musician of the band Nirvana shot himself dead but it is still shrouded with doubts. Some conspiracy theories were later sniffed by the crime experts. This image was captured minutes before he committed suicide in  March 1994.

7 – Elvis Presley:

He needs no introduction. The singer of ‘ Jailhouse Rock’ was a regular drug abuser and was medically unwell because of this. He was suffering from high blood pressure already but ruled this out constantly. Drug abusing hence caused him liver damage and he succumbed to death. He was found lying unconscious in his bathroom floor.

8 – Jimmi Hendrix:

His death too was shrouded by controversies. As per the reports he died of asphyxia when he was high on barbiturates. He died, but keeps trailblazing until now.

These are Photographs of rockstars before death – It is always agonizing to remember that these music doyennes are no longer among us and what breaks our hearts even more is that their deaths weren’t natural.

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