If You Didn’t Hear These Landmark English Songs, You Probably Are From Mars

Landmark english songs

Landmark english songs – If you are a sucker for good music and have stomach for myriad kinds of it, we assume you are none too picky in this context. A true blue music lover listens to every kind of music that comes their way without being least bit snooty and builds up their own distinct taste in the process. As middle class Indian youth, our childhoods were akin to each other and we grew up listening to some same sort of English music that helped ripen our taste towards it.

So, here are the choicest of 10 Landmark english songs that we all have listened at least once:

Landmark english songs –

1. Hotel California, Eagles:

This song belongs to Eagles Album with the same name released around 1977. This was sung by Eagles’s lead vocalist Don Henley and lyrics were written by Glen Frey. This song is perfect company in a lonesome evening for you.


2. Strangers in the Night, Frank Sinatra:

This romantic number was sung by Frank Sinatra and also featured as an instrumental score in the movie A Man Could Get Killed. But when Frank Sinatra sang this in the year 1966, it became more famous.


3. Fly me to the moon, Frank Sinatra:

It has become the frequently recorded Jazz standard and a key one in the popular culture. This song was later used in television shows, films and video games.

4. Stand by Me, John Lenon:

This song was originally performed by Ben E King and later sung by John Lenon. It was featured in the 122nd position of 500 greatest songs of all time.

5. Take me home, Country Roads, John Denver:

This is a famous Country Song sung by John Denver. The iconic symbol of West Virginia , describes itself as ‘almost heaven’.

6. Love Story, Taylor Swift:

The American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift sung this song which was featured in her second studio album ‘Fearless’. This has become a teen-anthem as soon as its release.

7. Numb, Linking Park:

This is a landmark song of the American rock band Linking Park, sung by the lead vocalist Chester Charles Bennington who passed away recently.

8. Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presley:

This song, sung by Elvis Presley became a turning point of his music career. This is a really peppy foot tapping number.

9. The Sound of Silence, Simon and Gurfunkel:

This was the best song sung by American rock duo Simon and Gurfunkel who became counterculture icons after the release of the song.

10. Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison:

This song was later sung by Van Halen in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ but was originally sung by Roy Orbison.

These are Landmark english songs – Haven’t heard these songs? Hear them already!

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