Meeting room mistakes one must avoid

While group ideation results in new ideas, some meeting etiquettes and manners, if avoided can add to the efficiency.

Meetings are an imperative part of any corporate organisation. It is from these long hours of discussion and dialogues that ground-breaking business idea and solutions arrive.

While group ideation results in new ideas, some meeting etiquette and manners, if avoided can add to the efficiency. Below is the list-

1) Showing up late


Whether you have planned a meeting with a long time colleague cum friend or a department of 50 professionals, ensure you reach for the meeting on time. By arriving late you not only mar your image, but also disregard other people’s time. One frequently reaches late for a meeting and anticipates the team to brief them on what he/she has missed. This not only imitates poorly on the professional’s ability, but also breaks the meeting’s agenda. Most of the time is thus wasted on talking about the same matter, leaving no time to talk vital ones. In my opinion if you cannot make it on time, it is best to keep the team informed beforehand.

2) Cell phone woes


Mobile phones with noisy, troubling ringtones must be barred in office and if not in office then certainly in meetings. Some people have the wackiest ringtones ranging from the sound of a train horn to that of a baby crying, which can never be ignored and even though if that person is a proficient professional, the volume of their phone can be quite an embarrassment. In a corporate set up such practices should be avoided. Therefore, keeping our phone on hush mode particularly during meetings is very essential.

3) Sleep deprived


If you are sleep deprived, then ensure you stay out of the meeting. Psychologically or physically sleeping between meetings is wrong. While a few are seen snoozing on their chair, others just switch off mentally. Their eyes perhaps are open but mentally they are too tired to contribute their views. This usually happens when we are working on several projects at the same time. So, when you are called for a meeting, make sure you are enthusiastic to contribute and are okay with the schedule.

4) Eating while in a meeting


Most corporate meetings are accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea and something to eat on. While what is served is just an add-on to the beverage, a number of times one ends up eating more than he/she should. While a little eating is okay, eating too much must be avoided or else the spotlight shifts from its agenda. Right planning and manners must be pursued when it comes to eating in the meeting room.

5) Pulling other down


One of the worst meeting blunders is to cross answer someone who is talking. Divergences are a part of any discussion and must be taken in the right spirit. Although, back answering or deliberately killing a thought is a complete no. Even though you differ with a particular point, it is imperative to put it across in a professionally way. In case you come across forceful un-intentionally, do talk to the opposite person after the meeting to clear needless misinterpretations. Remember, the same thing can be said in a soft tone. This, not only helps acquire better ideas, but also helps you uphold regard.

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