Filthy Rich Kids Of Russia Flaunting Their Wealth On Instagram In Ridiculous Ways

Filthy rich kids of Russia

Filthy rich kids of Russia – Rich kids are truly the blessed people.

Why? Because they have so much money with them that they do not have to think twice about doing what they want and when they want.

These Filthy rich kids of Russia seem to think that is exactly how things should be… branded cars, ritzy private jets and classy yachts.

Let’s take a look at the photos filthy rich kids of Russia have posted on Instagram about their extravagant lifestyle!

This kid here enjoys the sleazy lap dance while holding a glass of drink in his hands. His attitude be like, “I am the King of the World!” so not cool, buddy!

This fashion diva here likes to stop for a photo aside her private chopper, while on her way to her friend’s place, maybe. Wow, just wow.

This girl, most definitely, does not have an issue in turning the red princess in her red dress, red shoes and her red Porsche. When you have money, coordinating your colours isn’t an issue, is it!

This girl here poses with her new yellow Lamborghini with a casual comment “Eh thanks, but I wanted a black one.” Come on people, ask before you gift!

This kid, who calls himself “Mansur Verona” on his Instagram account, is seen posing with his cache of arms, including a Kalashnikov machine gun. So being rich makes you a soldier, now?

Traffic jams? Nah, I’ll pass. I have my private yacht with plush leather seats. Nice.

Filthy rich kids of RUSSIA flaunting their wealth on

Private jets and all. A magic we peasants might never know of. Thank you so much, by the way. We don’t want to know.


While half the world thirsts for water to drink, these rich kids have no qualms in chilling out in their personal Jacuzzis with drinks in their hands. Think of someone else, for a change.

This kid has taken being rich to another level. He talks on his i-Phone, smokes an expensive hookah and yes, has notes strewn all over the table. Napkins, I suppose.

Have money and can’t decide how to show-off? Just stand on the roof of your Lamborghini. We will get the picture and delete your Instagram account if need be.

These are filthy rich kids of Russia – Having money doesn’t mean you own the world, people! Educate yourself and think of the greater good. If you have money, use it to feed the hungry and not feed fat your expensive egos!

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