These Are The Funniest Discussions Every Sibling Might Have Had in Their Lives


Sibling – Siblings are each other’s mainstay in darkest of hours, they come to the rescue of each other when parents are fuming and their frolic and gambols liven up the house.

Your brother or sister knows you better than your spouse will ever can because you have grown up together to stand witness to each other’s shortcomings and strengths. . You have pulled each other’s cheeks and legs both and wreaked havoc in each other’s lives.

There have been times when you spoke to each other till hours on end until the crack of dawn and still the giggles didn’t seem to end, so here are some excerpts of those conversations:

You have fought for the TV remote:

Where there is remote, there is fight. It was always like marking your territory when it came to the remote. You both thought it belonged to you both individually and just when she wanted to watch the cookery show you didn’t want to give the cricket match on the other channel a miss.

You have spoken about your crazy exes:

You both were not any likely to take that route again but their weirdness still induced laughter. You never shared any details about your partner to your sibling while you were dating but as soon as the break-up happened, you started poking fun at each other’s choices.

You spoke about how stupid you have been in your childhood:

Taking a tour into the old photo albums is a walk down the memory lane when the funny instances cross your mind and you both break in exasperated laughter.

You always have your inside jokes:

Most of them made at the expense of your family members, the fat aunty, the philanderer uncle or the cranky Bhabhi, you both make fun at family members by just exchanging glances with each other.

You tease each other on your body weight:

If the other sibling suddenly seems to be gastronomically enthused, you start poking fun at his rapid weight gain. Angered, he returns your jibes with sharper counterparts. That’s how you both roll.

You are on a healthy rivalry:

As children, both of you vied for the attention of your parents and thus the seed of rivalry was sown. You have fought over almost anything under the Sun, ranging from food to clothes, books to toys. Although that phase is over now, you both are on a lingering hangover.

The ‘you are adopted’ jibe:

The elder sibling, always on the lookout to gain upperhand, demeaned the younger one saying ‘you are adopted’ which really driven their confidence into sparse.

You hated family gatherings:

You had a common dislike, the family gatherings and the gooey rejoinders. Ugh!

A sibling is your priceless possession because irrespective of the fights, they are your best buddies.

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