These Are The 10 Ridiculously Expensive Versions of Regular Things That The Rich People Use

Expensive versions of regular things

Expensive versions of regular things – One needs to rejuvenate after having spent a toiling day at work.

Self-pamper is the key to keeping one’s interest hooked in the mundane. We instinctively head into the bathroom to freshen up after we have arrived home and seek refuge in the toilet.

This is another dominant means of self-pampering which needs to be done. Also, in bathrooms, we tend to bolster our wayward creative thoughts because this is the only place where there is blissful silence. Bathrooms are equalizers where are one, rich or poor.

But there are some toiletries that are demarcated by their price for rich and poor, no matter if the materials and their effects are same, the ridiculously high prices of some toilet products serious make us marvel at them.

No, we are not talking about Indian products alone, there are many foreign products that really catch our fancy for their exorbitant prices.

Here are expensive versions of regular things :

Expensive versions of regular things –

1. Soap:

What are soaps meant for? Washing the dirt off your body right? Also, it needs to smell good apart from not being harsh on the body. Of course, who is going to spend more than 34 rupees but won’t you be surprised if certain soap costs you throbbing one lakhs? I mean what is it trying to prove by almost draining our credit or debit card? Give your crotch a little better smell than your usual soap gives? You may be unhappy to know that this Qatar soap costs 1, 79, 907 rupees.

2. Shampoo:

Be honest? How much you are ready to spend on a shampoo to wash the dirt off your hair? 1000 bucks maximum? There are some shampoos available in the market that promise to repair your hair’s Keratin thereby leaving it supple and luscious. But what if a shampoo costs 19,275 rupees. Yes, this Ten Voss Shampoo does so. Surprised much?

3. Commode:

You didn’t see this coming, did you? While usual toilets are made from ceramics, prices varying for as per their designs and brands but this significant one, my dear is made from pure gold hence the price is beyond the affordable limits. Besides, why would one want a golden toilet unless you are one of the likes of Tipu Sultan? This gold toilet costs 32,13, 00,000 rupees and we are flabbergasted.

4. Shaving cream:

Have you ever imagined that taking care of yourself can cost you 5,142 rupees? Of course you did. We tend to spend that much on our salon expeditions but never did we imagine a mere shaving cream can cost us that much of fortune. I resort to Gillette Classic which is only 219 rupees. Spare me!

5. Deodorant:

Foreigners have a perception that Indian people stink and we are not in denial since the public transports witness thousands of smelly armpits forming a collective stink in unison. Perhaps the deodorants we use are not of the highest merit to stave off that stubborn stink because they are cheaper than the one costing 1,927 rupees. Holy cow!

6. Towel:

A beach towel that costs 34,000 rupees can grow our aversion towards bath completely. I mean why when 200 rupee ones serve the same purpose?

These are the Expensive versions of regular things – These high priced products prove what pretensions lives must some people live. I am no longer fond of the human race now.

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