These Are The Dangerous Sea Creatures Of The World

Dangerous sea creatures – Deep sea creatures are the organisms that live underneath the photic zone of the ocean.

They can survive in extreme adverse conditions. Such as, meagre amount of Oxygen, very limited food, no sunlight, and perennially increasing cold. They mostly feed on the food floating down the ocean and these creatures live in hazardous environments such as abyssal or hadal zones where barely any light reaches.

The water is between 3 and 10 degree Celcius with very limited Oxygen levels. But they have this distinguished power to adapt to the drudgeries and still survive.

These are the beautiful deep-sea creatures that will leave you truly amazed :

Dangerous sea creatures –

White Anemone and Sea Star:

The sea anemone lives deep down the world’s oceans which have intricate patterns, advanced camouflage and wide degrees of transparency. The Sea Anemone ties up with the Sea Star making the dovetail look like flashy terrestrial anemone flower.

Blue Tang:

Near Mexico, adult Blue Tang swims close to the ocean. You will see Blue Tang in abundance in the waters of the Caribbean. This is a species of Surgeonfish which thrives around coral reefs. As time passes imperceptibly their colour turns from bright yellow to deep-bluish grey or purple.

Clownfish and Anemone:

This is a reef dweller fish which eggs from intruders. There are stinging tentacles of an Anemone which protects its bold colour. They have a mutual benefit and spend their entire lives on host Anemones, but stay in a few yards from them.

Mantis Shrimp:

In Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait, the Mantis Shrimp was photographed. It knocks open its prey and feeds on it with a high-voltage force. You will be appalled by the darting and complex eyes it has.

Regal Angelfish:

It has striking colours in alternating bands which is a magnet to the eyes. It is basically a loner but also travels in pairs while it feeds on sponges and sea squirts.

Flower Hat Jelly:

It delivers a painful sting if bothered. However docile it looks and alluring, it has a lilac-tipped fringe which is used for its defence. This is found in the Oceans of Brazil, Argentina and Southern Japan. It has tentacles that coils and uncoils to capture small fish and other food.

Sea Anemone:

It resembles a sunflower and appears to be docile but you bet it is not. You can easily liken it with the coral and jellyfish, Anemones are stinging polyps that spend a huge quantity of their time waiting for fish to pass close enough to get captivated in their venom-filled tentacles.

Sea stars:

Sea Stars are popularly known as Starfish which are basically echinoderms. These are the close relatives of sea urchins and sand dollars. There are 2,000 species of them that inhabit under the World’s oceans that radiate camouflage to warn off raiders.

These are the most wonderful and Dangerous sea creatures you need to see here.

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