Will Grand Masti see a grand opening?

Are you a fan of sex jokes that go ‘Rose Mary Marlo’?


How tired are you of double meaning jokes? Especially crude ones like ‘Rose Mary Marlo’? Such sex jokes sounded funny when ‘Masti’ came out in 2008. But the jokes in the sequel, which is releasing today, sound rather juvenile and crass.

With so much exposure to American movies that have adult humor beautifully and tastefully woven into the script, Bollywood adult-comedies look like their cheap impressions (literally and figuratively). When Grand Masti’s trailer came out a month back, the nation didn’t know go into a tizzy. In fact, it pissed off the women viewers so much that the makers can say goodbye to their female audiences. Just when we are trying very hard to make people understand how women aren’t commodities or their pleasure-creatures, comes a movie that’s hell bent on degrading women. The fairer sex isn’t only there for sex, you know!

While the original had just one seductress (Lara Dutta-Bhupathi), this one has three sizzling ladies (Kainaat Arora as Marlo, Maryam Zakaria as Rose and Bruna Abdullah as Mary). Viveik Oberoi, Riteish Deshmukh and Aftab Shivdasani are reprising their roles from the original. And the best part about the movie is that all three of them are in committed relationships (while both Viveik and Riteish are happily married, Aftab is in a steady relationship) and we don’t know how the producer managed to rope them all in! The movie is going to face some tough competition from JohnDay, Horror Story and Hollywood offering Grown Ups 2. With so much to choose from, would you voluntarily watch a movie that insults your women folk? That tells you how dated the institution of marriage is?

With over-the-top sex scenes, cringe-worthy dialogues and a flimsy thin plot, will it have a grand opening like the first instalment? We really don’t think that Bollywood is ready for its desi American Pie series. Because its Hollywood counterpart has charm, which is sorely missing from Indian sex comedies. Just double meaning jokes and bosom-heaving women don’t make up a adult-comedy…


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