Why Is Shahrukh Khan Shedding Bucket-loads Of Tears?

Shahrukh Khan must be very, very sad!

The man whose dimpled smile makes women go weak in their knees across the world must be crying out loud in the privacy of his home since he has got no option!

After all, he has just delivered a fourth massive flop show on TV and it indeed is a big deal. Yes, we are talking about his latest dud, Sabse Shaana Kaun on the new GEC &TV which has proved that at least SRK isn’t the shaana of all!

Come to think of it, he took over the reins from Amitabh Bachchan for Kaun banega Crorepati and fell flat on his face. Then he proved that he isn’t faster than kids in Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hain? After that came a show which had no head or tails and may not even be found in the annals of the worst shows ever history, Zor Ka Jhatka which didn’t have any fizz. Now comes Sabse Shaana.. and again, he has failed to connect with his massive audience which pays from its nose to watch his films in theatres, but when it comes to watch him free of cost, night after night in the comfort of their homes, the very same audience ignores him like a plague rat!

So what’s wrong? Why his Midas touch not working in TV while in the movies he keeps doing wonders with his same senseless crazy sense of humour? While his contemporaries like Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are drawing huge crowds for their respective TV shows, Bigg Boss and Satyamev Jayate, the King of Bollywood is failing?

One primary reason could be the selection of shows. If the show’s format or the script doesn’t relate with the audience, it will fail no matter who is hosting it. Secondly, we think SRK is living in a cocoon where he is thinking that the audience is still that naïve, innocent sorts who loved him in DDLJ days and will continue to fall for his cute innocent boy next door humour. That must be his biggest mistake as the world has moved much ahead than those mushy days.

The reason Sallu bhai is such a huge hit is because he touches raw emotions, real emotions which involves bit of edgy fun and isn’t too sweet. It has its own share of anger, irritation for crap, boldness for adventure, things which relate to every human being. Aamir of course is holding the flag for morality and ethics and that’s why working. SRK on the other hand is just trying to sugary sweet and trying to show that everything in the world, his world, is hunky dory and people should just laugh and smile and be in the ‘awwwwwwwww’ moment all the time! Sadly, that isn’t a reality beyond social networking sites!

Extra sugar causes diabetes, Mr. Khan! Come back to earth from your la la land and entertain your fans in a real manner with something that adds value to entertainment! Or else, please stick to the brain-less movies you are doing now a days, rather than edgy cinema which gave you the brand identity all those years ago!

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