Why Chandrachur Singh shouldn’t make a comeback!

Chandrachur Singh is making a comeback on TV with ‘Savdhaan India Maha Movie’ and we tell you why he should stay away from Bollywood.

Chandrachur Singh (the guy from Maachis and Josh) is making a comeback on TV (thank god!) with a show called ‘Savdhaan India Maha Movie’. This episode will air on Sunday (Diwali special episode) and we tell you why he should not make a comeback on TV.

The constipated look:
He has had this ;oh-my-god-I-am-controlling-my-potty’ look in all his movies. Including the classic ‘Maachis’. Do you really want that look back on the screen? No, didn’t think so.


Romancing is not his forte:
With his 1800s-inspired hair and bushy brows, he is so not a romance person. He couldn’t save his day while romancing the stunning Ash in Josh!


Sartorial choices:
We can still live with his hair, but his choice of garish pants and fluorescent shirts still give us nightmares. He should come back to TV only if he has got a better designer on board.


Drame ka tadka:
Let’s face it, he is not a stellar performer and he won’t be able to pull off high octane drama that TV demands.


Nobody remembers him:
When nobody really remembers him, what’s the point of making a comeback?


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