A Musical Celebration At Grammy’s Brings Much More For The Musicians!

Grammy Awards 2015

“It was only until I started being myself that the music started to float. Thank you guys!”

Sam Smith’s thank you note at the 57th Grammy Awards 2015 hosted on the 8th of Feb was only an expression to denote his passion for music as his album, ‘Stay With Me’ won the Record of The Year award. Smith has been the award winner at Grammy’s this year for maximum number of times with four awards in his kitty.

Sam Smith - Stay With Me

Sam Smith – Stay With Me

Well, Grammy as we all know celebrates music through its awards and performances and sets a stage for fashionable costumes, raunchy performances and a lot of PDAs!

This year two Indians also bagged awards at Grammy’s, one is a Bangalore-based musician, Ricky Kej for his album, ‘Winds of Samsara’, where he won the Best New Age Album Trophy and the other is Neela Vaswani for her music album, ‘Iam Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World’. Vaswani was honoured with the Grammy Award for the Best Children’s Album category.

Ricky Kej  & Neela Vaswani

Ricky Kej & Neela Vaswani

Being the first Indian to win the Grammy award in the New Age category, Ricky has set the stage of Grammy for all Indians. His album, ‘Winds of Samsara’ has used concepts of globalization with inspiration from two different cultures to talk about bringing peace and positive effect so that the world can progress in all spheres with much harmony and togetherness.

Apart from these, there were other winners such as Beck Hansen for ‘Morning Phase’ that was termed as the Album of the Year, Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album, ‘Cheek to Cheek’, Angelique Kidjo for Best World Music Album, ‘Eve’, Beyonce for Best Surround Sound Album, ‘Beyonce’, et al. Awards were distributed in all categories, whether it be for Rock performance, Pop/Rock/Jazz albums, Alternative Music, Metal, Rap, R & B, Urban Contemporary, Instrumental, Dance Recording, Country Songs or performances, Solo and Group performances or Music Videos, Non-Classical Genres of Music, Historical Albums, Remixed Recordings, Musical Theatre Albums or even Comedy Albums.

Lady Gaga at Grammy 2015

Lady Gaga at Grammy 2015

However, the best part of the 57th Grammy Awards 2015 highlights was its show of PDAs. With many lovebirds appearing for the function in stylised outfits together, we had people kissing and showing affection to each other in the public front. While Kim Kardarshian and Kanye West were busy kissing each other passionately, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban looked cute in their black outfits and sweet expressions standing alongside each other. Ariana Grande and Big Sean who have been dating officially since October last year also posed in an adorable fashion and exchanged some cheesy moments. Simone Johnson and LL Cool J, on the other hand, have been lovebirds since their teens and have four kids; still they rocked the show with their cute selves in electric blue outfits. Even Helen Lasichanh and Pharell Williams looked colour-coordinated with their light grey attires. Supermodel Chrissy Teigen and singer John Legend raised quite a few eyebrows with their sassy looks. Country singers, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were also seen getting cosy and comfortable with each other while Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo looked smitten by the love bug or rather by the love hero, Cupid. (*winks*)

The show stopper was however the spellbound performances at the event by Beyonce, John Legend, Paul Mc Cartney, Rihanna, Kanye West, Kristen Wiig, Maddie Ziegler and not to forget Katy Perry’s mesmerising and enthralling act, ‘By the Grace of God’.



The clothing fashion is another issue altogether at the Grammy’s with some sporting the bling, others going for pastel shades, some preferring the deep dark hues and others who left little to the imagination!

But, all in all it is an event that each one of us looks forward to each year. After all, who does not like to watch a colourful, happening musical event with so many scintillating performances and moments of joy? Sam Smith was probably the happiest at this Grammy’s, winning awards for four different categories and his album winning the Record of the Year title. Also, true to Kej and Vaswani’s spirit of songs is this statement by US President Barack Obama:

“Artists have a unique power to change mindsets and attitudes.”

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