You Don’t Need To Kill A Corrupt Politician! There Are Better Ways To Teach Them A Lesson!

Corrupt Politician

We all are aware of our collective hate for the class of professionals whose job is to serve us, but almost everyone is found trying to rule us and walk over us!

Of course we are talking about politicians!

However, don’t let the hate get to your mind and do something stupid with these so called netas like killing them!

Instead, let’s see if there are other ways how to torture them and give them a taste of their own medicine.

In fact our proud BSF and CRPF guys are already practicing such things, even if unintentionally!

And mind you, the result is heart-warming and going to give you such pleasure, which you cannot derive from anything else, ever!

Just yesterday our home minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh visited CRPF facility in Vasant Kunj for a function and lights went out! Imagine his plight that he had to sit in a totally dark room waiting for electricity to be restored. Let’s tell you one thing guys, even with an entire security squadron around a politician, it is going to be a nightmare for him to be in a public place in dark! We wonder how Mr. Singh must have felt in those few minutes! Even if he doesn’t accept it, we are sure those few moments must have brought in front of him his entire life, all the good and bad deeds and since he is a hardened politician, definitely more of bad deeds!

That wasn’t the only event though. Few months back at the same place, Mr. Rajnath Singh was stuck in a lift and the poor man was pulled out from the rooftop of lift after couple of hours!

Guess what, Mr. Singh is the guinea pig for all such wonderful experiments being conducted in the country to learn how we can torture our beloved corrupt politicians without actually harming them. Okay, if their blood pressure moves up and down faster than the speed of light, we are not responsible for that!

There have been other instances where this political class has been brought to its knees.

A prime example is of the stage breaking down at a political rally! There are so many instances like those that it seems as if the entire stage-construction community is exchanging notes on how to prepare bad quality stages and scare the shit out of the neta trying to give his long bhaashan!

Let us think of some more of such weird ideas which does not harm these politicians, but let them know that they are human, at the same level as that of a common man and that if we won’t hurt you, circumstances shall definitely make sure that karma comes to bite you in your ass!

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