These 5 Things That A Young Girl Needs To Be A Bollywood Actress!

What it takes to be a Bollywood actress. Getting a break in film industry is one of the most difficult things to achieve given huge difference in demand and supply of talent.

Bollywood- The mystical land of dreams and endless possibilities!

Which young lass don’t want to be a part of this glamour world and rule it?

Which college or school-goer doesn’t secretly try to imitate a star’s life in the privacy of her bedroom, dreaming to be the heartbeat of an entire nation?

However, the path to achieve those dreams takes more than what seems normal to the eye!

I mean, it is not rocket science, but then not easy as well. There are some peculiar traits found in Bollywood heroines which every girl should aspire to have.

That can at least show some promise to be selected as a lead girl in a decent flick! Come, have a look at them:

1) Have a beautiful face!

Now this sounds easier than done. Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, but still the face of a Bollywood heroine has to have a universal appeal. The measurements should be perfect and be measured by scientific experts. For example, lips should look like Angelina Jolie’s pout, nose should be perfectly pointed, eye-brows with the perfect curve etc etc. Obviously one is not born with these features, but then what has science progressed for? People might talk about cosmetic surgery for the good of humanity even though its best use is done by our leading actresses! As such, in the mainstream cinema these days, there isn’t much for girls to do except look good, so why not invest time and money on enhancing facial features?

2) Have a sexy figure!

Indian women are traditionally blessed with voluptuous figure. Bollywood has changing requirements though. Sometimes it’s the size zero in demand and sometimes thunder thighs rule the glam-world. So one should be ready to adapt with changing times and live in a house close to a gym. A personal trainer with a personal chef is a constant requirement to maintain that sultry sexy figure while eating right food! Say goodbye to carbs and yummy fat, forever!

3) Have some brains or may be not: It all depends!

Now, this is a tricky subject. Intelligence is always respected, in every field except in Bollywood, especially when it comes to leading ladies. If one goes by the trends, most of the heroines doing song and dance routine may or may not be intelligent, but are portrayed as having higher emotional quotient than IQ! So girls, you decide as per your priority. If you want to act in intelligent cinema and gain respect as a talented actress who can choose meaty roles, work on your intelligence. However, if only glamour and masala films are your priority, which can get you great moolah and a rich businessman to date and marry after your career is over, throw your brains out of the window! Just look and act dumb and sexy!

4) Have the ability to charm the reigning male superstars!

Now this is obvious, isn’t it? Tones of examples suggest how girls from no filmy background have impressed one or the other ruling superstar and gained an entry in the film world with quite ease. Talent or no talent, just look gorgeous, is able to impress and make your way in a superstar’s heart and lo, film offers will pour in! Now, don’t you dare cringe about the age difference between you and the star! Age is just a number, right?

5) Have loads of money!

This final one might break your heart, but then how do you think the above four points can be achieved without money, honey? Apply your brain darlings if you haven’t thrown it out already! It’s a hard fact that becoming a Bollywood commercial heroine is no more a poor girl’s dream but it is a rich girl’s hobby these days. So love your parents and pray that your dad earns enough and is actually ready to support your sweet little hobby.

These were some of the points in a light-hearted manner, made to emphasize how the film industry has changed over the years and the value of talent is lost somewhere. Don’t lose heart though, following these pointers can still get you that dream lead role, may be!

Good luck!

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