What Priyanka Chopra Has To Go Through To Become #MaryKom Is Beyond Anybody’s Imagination!

We talk about hard work and efforts put in by Priyanka Chopra for her biopic Mary Kom. It was a difficult role and she trained hard for it. Finally the result is for all to see!

Hail the new age cinema!

Hail the new age actors!

And specially this time, hail Priyanka Chopra’s gutsy endeavor of playing a wild crazy gamble by acting in and as, Mary Kom!

The flick started making the right kind of noise from the time its first poster came out.

Everyone was left open-mouthed to see gorgeous and sexy Priyanka Chopra in a boxer’s attire kicking a punch displaying her toned and rugged boxer’s body! For those who thought it was photo shopped can now be seen hiding their faces out of shame. For Priyanka has not only proven them wrong, she has also proved to the whole world that when an actor decides that he or she has to go inside the skin of the character to do justice to the role, nothing can come in the way!

Only last year Farhan Akhtar had shown us how he devotedly worked his ass off to become Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Fitness expert Samir Jaura helped him to achieve that super-toned physique. When it came to Mary Kom, Priyanka also chose him to get her in shape to look like a boxer!

Mind you guys, it wasn’t an easy task.

Far from it actually!

It wasn’t just working out in the gym. In fact, it involved training PC who is a non-gym going person around her busy schedules of doing other projects, singing, travelling, attending award functions, going through the tragedy of losing her dad and bouncing back in no time! Whoa!!

From the outside it does looks easy that for a superstar with their entourage of support staff and stylists etc, things are easier to accomplish. Reality is something else! PC is a foodie, but had to train like a boxer and avoid all her favorite food! There was no home-cooked delicious or junk food for her throughout the preparation and shoot of the movie. The whole diet of hers was designed keeping a boxer’s physique in mind and she was made to adhere to it religiously.

The preparation for the shoot took grueling four and a half months!

Due to her hectic shooting and traveling schedules, she used to train with Samir late at nights.

Sometimes twice a day just to make sure consistency was there and every session was not less than two hours long! Once, when she got a 15 day break, she took Samir to her Goa Bungalow and trained for as many as 5 hours every day. The daily ritual included working out, sleeping and eating! She became so strong that she was able to take the real blows by real boxers for shooting some authentic boxing scenes.

Yes, she was punched, kicked in real and the sporty gal took it all with lots of gusto! Pain didn’t matter! Sweat was all worth it!

However, all the physical work out goes for a toss if mental strength isn’t there. For that, Priyanka always had the real-lie inspiration, Mary Kom with her. PC met her many times to understand her life and her journey filled with struggles which kept her inspired throughout her own journey of filming the life-history of a living legend!

That’s how she got into the skin of the character and portrayed Mary Kom on silver screen.

Being a superstar, Priyanka could have easily dictated her terms to the debutant director, Omung Kumar, but she surrendered herself to his vision. She gave her all to make sure that the real life story of a fighter, a woman who has won laurels for the country, is brought on-screen to inspire and motivate millions of other women. T

his is PC’s way of trying to bring a change in the mindsets of women and in society as a whole and for that, she has given her blood and sweat, literally!

This is not just an actor’s victory, it is a woman’s triumph in overcoming every physical and mental obstacle to achieve great heights in what is ordinarily called, just another film!

Watch it guys, for Mary Kom’s sake!

The real one and the reel one!


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