What made Ranveer Singh go bonkers?

Why isn’t Ranveer Singh talking about his love life anymore?

Until a few days ago Ranveer Singh couldn’t stop shouting from the rooftops about how rocking his love life his. He didn’t disclose the name of his mystery woman but it was apparent that he was talking about Deepika Padukone. But all of sudden his excitement seems to have fizzled out. In a recent interview when Mr Singh was asked about the ‘loveria phase’ he was in, he simply said that he was just being plain irresponsible. After a bit of prodding and nudging, the Ram Leela actor spilled the beans about his loony behaviour.

It seems the actor was under medication when he spoke about all that love jazz. That was the time when he was discharged from the hospital after being treated for Dengue. Apparently the medicines prescribed by the doc made him feel all drowsy and dopey and that is one of the reasons why he resorted to such jumbled up statements.

Sigh! Does Singh really expect us to fall for that kind of hogwash? If you ask us, we think it’s not the drugs but a good dose of chiding from the level-headed Cocktail babe that bought the energetic hero back from his love la-la-land.

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