For Priyanka Chopra, Wearing A Bikini Is Awkward! Well, Really?

Priyanka has given a statement that wearing swimsuit in Ms. World competition was awkward and it is good that the swimsuit round is eliminated. These are really genuine and sensible words from her!

Stop, before you think too deep or too far!

No, Priyanka Chopra is not going to stop wearing bikinis, neither in real life, nor on-screen!

As such she doesn’t wear it that often that as an audience you should feel sad or deprived of the earth-shattering figure of hers. However, in a long-long time, we agree with what she has said about girls and bikinis!

She was actually giving a statement about the swimsuit round being stopped from the next year’s Ms. World contests. She whole-heartedly welcomed the decision to do away with such a competitive round since it is ‘awkward’ to walk wearing almost nothing with high heels on a ramp instead of at a beach!

So true this is, right?


Of course, men would love to see gorgeous hotties stuttering around wearing those teeny-weeny two-piece bikinis, but then that is like objectifying women! Why to do that? If you want to see gorgeous women, go on the beach and get plentiful of them. Okay, don’t get hyper now, we know that on Indian beaches that is a rare scene except for the case if you are in Goa, but then it doesn’t mean that we have to have young girls working extra hard to satisfy our voyeuristic desires and showcase their bodies on a ramp. That is just not done!

This is what Priyanka has been saying that if a role or a film requires it, to shoot on a beach or near a swimming pool (remember bikini is a dress code for swimming???), then it is perfectly alright. She is not going to say no to such scenes (thank goodness, what a relief!!!!), but will support every move that helps those poor beauty contest participants to avoid wearing swimsuits in places where they are not required.


The interesting part is that PC herself wasn’t required to wear a swimsuit when she participated in the Ms. World contest. The rule was introduced later and is now being withdrawn. Would she have walked if the rule was in place? May be yes, since at that time the desire to win would have surpassed all her awkwardness and embarrassment!

However, what matters is that when she is in such a position where her views matter and are taken seriously, she is making the right kind of noises. More and more celebrities should come forward to talk sense and stop girls and women being made objects of desire and lust. That change in the collective thought process of media and society might help in eliminating the “Women Objectifying” mentalities and the acts of rape and molestation, henceforth,

We really appreciate PC’s thoughts of saying the right thing at the right time. Only if she was this sensible and mature all the time! For now, hats off Ms. Chopra! 

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