What are the Shaadi Ke Side Effects?

Shaadi has its own side effects. Read this before taking the plunge!

Is marriage so bad that it comes with side effects? Apparently so! So what happens when you tie the knot with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? You have these side effects…read on!


She is always right:
As the husband, you have to realise that once you’ve brought her home, she is going to be ALWAYS right. Whether it’s about who was supposed to pick up milk or when the electricity bill was to be paid…the wife is right. Always.

Her ‘maayka’ weapon:
While you were dating, she never pulled the ‘main apne maayke jaa rahi hoon’ ace on you. But once you’re married, she is going to be using it a lot, if you disregard the first point.

He will burp and fart a lot more:
Marriage makes men even more…erm…disgusting. The sophisticated boy you went out with is now an unshaven slob who farts and burps right in your face. He might even call it love…beware!

Chauffeur at call:
You would be reduced to being her chauffeur at call. From picking her up from pottery classes to dropping her off at her mother’s, you’d be her favorite driver in the whole world!

Fight over the TV remote:
Yes, you can get two TVs, but what’s the fun of watching TV separately, right? You’ll be facing way too many issues over the famed remote control. She might be into reality shows, while you’re fixated over football leagues. Damn!

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