These Unsung Heroes Of Indian Cinema Deserve More Attention Than They Are Getting!

unsung heroes of indian cinema

The unsung heroes of indian cinema – Every time we watch a movie, we keep on praising its director, writers and obviously, the actors.

After all, the poster of the movie itself says ‘Film by (names of director and producer) and starring (name of actors)’.

Nobody ever talks about the person who actually shot that whole movie to present you a story that looks visually appealing. Yes, you may know that there is a cameraperson who shoots the whole movie, right? But there is a person who actually decides how lights will be set, how cameras will be placed and how the frame of a scene is going to be, so that the outcome is nothing short of a terrific visual experience. Basically, he is the person who brings a director’s vision to life and acts as an eye to the director. That is why he is called theDirector of Photography (DOP).

Now, those who have an idea about the industry know how important a DOP is for the movie but for the rest of the audience, it could be just another person.

If I ask you about the name of best 5 directors, you will easily name them, right?

But can you name 1 single DOP without searching on the internet? I know you can’t because these are literally the unsung heroes of Indian cinema who have contributed a lot over the years to make a movie worth watching, yet they never got the credit and attention that they deserve.

On that note, here are some of those unsung heroes of indian cinema without whom we would not be able to enjoy movies as much as we do.

DOP – Director of photography – Unsung heroes of indian cinema

  1. Ravi Varman

Have you watched Tamasha, Barfi and Ramleela? Well, the movies that you all praised was shot by this terrific talent, Ravi Varman. Having worked for around 28 movies along with 500 Tv commercials, feature films and documentaries, this man has earned a name in the industry with his talent, hard work and creativity.


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