Ladies, This Unseen Ad Of Fawad Khan Will Instantly Make You Smile!

Unseen Ad Of Fawad Khan

“Unseen Ad Of Fawad Khan”

The 35-year-old actor “Fawad Khan” is basically the best or say the hottest thing that ever happened to a B-town industry. I mean, seriously, thanks to his b-town debut. (You know what I mean) Fawad has been swooning girls with his handsome, tall and sexy looks. He is indeed a gentleman too. Frankly, apart from his b-town deals, we (especially girls) know a little bit more about his Pakistani shows, right? I feel that many of you must’ve watched his famous serial “Humsafar”; only because you couldn’t resist admiring him, agree? Alright ladies, I’ll guess that you do 😉

So, you must’ve watched the popular show, but have you watched his old TV commercials? Trust me, you will not regret watching this rare one at all. In this Tuc Biscuit Commercial, he looks equally hot and sexy like he did in “Kapoor and Sons” or “ADHM” etc.

Well then, hit the “PLAY” button…Oh wait, let me guess something first- Ladies, you are going to keep replaying this TV commercial 😉


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