8 Times Fawad Khan Killed The Style Charts With His Dressing Sense

fawad khan

Fawad Khan, who is known for his charming personality and chivalry, looks always dapper.

His style radar is often on a high note and that’s what even fashion police will agree.

His love for classy and chic  yet something new and experimental style makes us believe  that he is on his way to become fashion icon.

Join us as we have a look  at some of his style files which are indeed noteworthy !

Here are some  pictures which will give guys major fashion goals. And  girls be ready to swoon!

1. His love for suits, especially checkered ones, can be gauged from the pic below. His impeccable choice of colors and eccentric patterns only adds on to his suave look every time.


2. Denim shirt and jeans, tan colored belt plus bag and glasses sum up an ideal look that one can wear and appear charismatic and undoubtedly Fawad pulled it off this bewitching style effortlessly.


3.  Fawad gave pleasing break through to regular  staple shirt and trouser attire. Guys can take some serious style cues from Fawad on how to rock pink bottoms and sweater like shirt.


4. Fawad sported this Indian attire with elan. This ensemble was from Raghavendra Rathore’s repertoire. The attire fitted super well on Fawad’s chiseled body.


5. Fawad definitely knows what suits best on him. He makes sure he wear trendy clothes but only which are comfy. He donned all-black ensemble and  white sneakers which amped up his persona to next level. 


6. Grey blazer teamed up with black tee and white pants and shades just added on more spark to his sex appeal and style. How can some one look so elegant and stylish!Phew! 


7. Another nice get up that he wore during one of the promotional events of Kapoor and Sons.


8. Who said you will find this Pakistani heart throb always in sophisticated look? Have a look at the below pic to check how nicely he was decked up in cool dude avatar!


What do you think about Fawad’s sartorial sense? We give him 10 on 10. What about you?

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