#TheShaukeens This Friday… Wasn’t #ManaliTrance Shocking Enough?

The Shaukeens Review – Review of The Shaukeens – The song #ManaliTrance starring #LisaHaydon grabbed eyeballs. When so much money is put in production and especially with a gorgeous actress like #LisaHaydon…

This week we are hopefully “entertained” by the BLOCKBUSTER comedy movie starring #AkshayKumar – #TheShaukeens hitting the theatres this Friday.

The song #ManaliTrance starring #LisaHaydon grabbed eyeballs as the first trance number of #Bollywood.

For me the entire song is quite wannabe. Yes it has the gorgeous #LisaHaydon but the entire point of breaking the urban and rural barrier was super desperate attempt.

Pardon me, what exactly was the ‘Desi’ connect in this song? Oh yes, the stupid lyrics in Hindi.

The song starts with the point that “Its time to get high on the #DumDar beat”. Alright the beat is quite catchy and you might want to groove to the beat.

Aren’t we unexposed to the Yo Yo strategy of Mr. Honey Singh?

He can even sell cow dung with his packaging skills.

The lyrics of his songs completely contrast with the music he composes.

For those who didn’t hear…well sharing some seriously stupid verses from the song:

Dum bole dum ka ab maza lootle…

Jungle yeh badan, mat kart u jatan

Humdum mere sang, dori main tu patang

I mean seriously, any layman can come up with that. I want to ask the lyricist – Sahil Kaushal, what exactly was he thinking…

The song is reported to be shot at Mauritius. The problem isn’t the fact that if I like it or not but when so much money is put in production and especially with a gorgeous actress like #LisaHaydon it really pains to see such outcome.

The dance choreographed by #AdilSheikh is fine but I feel it could have been much better considering the fact that it is the first trance number of #Bollywood.

Close-up shots of her body and that was it…absolutely no efforts in choreography and composition of lyrics.

The song’s only selling point had been the amazing cinematography, the packaging of the video and of course the upcoming trance queen of the industry #LisaHaydon.

Eagerly waiting for the release of the film, well even if I criticize am still a part of that mass who would wait desperately for the Friday blockbuster release.

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