What Are The Real Opinions of Shahrukh’s Real And Fake Bollywood Friends About His 8-Pack Abs?

This article is a fictionalized piece about real thoughts and opinions of Bollywood stars about Shahrukh Khan’s latest 8-pack abs! Not everyone will be happy with this development, but no one will say it publicly.

Breaking News: The world has suddenly changed!

There is chaos on the streets; people are running helter-skelter to get fit!

Gyms are mushrooming up at every nook and corner. Sports shops have sold all their gym gear and huge queues are found outside every gym and vyayamshaala with people of all shapes and sizes trying to get that exclusive 8-pack abs physique!

All thanks to one teeny-weeny poster showing mighty King Khan, Shahrukh Khan displaying his set of 8-packs!

You think we are exaggerating?

Well, may be a little bit, but it is a fact, one poster of SRK has inspired millions, even if momentarily. The whole world is going gaga about his hard work at an age where many are already planning to retire. So is the case with his contemporaries and some real-fake (by the industry norms) friends from Bollywood. However, not everyone means what he says, right? So we thought, let’s check out what the other actors must be thinking about this achievement.

1) Salman Khan

Sallu bhai must be thinking it was him who started this whole trend of gymming in the country so many years back. He was the first actor to proudly display that chiseled body, but now his sworn enemy has taken it to a different level altogether. What a shame! Salman has grown a paunch while SRK goes toned! Tch Tch

2) Aamir Khan

Aamir must be super confused right now. He showcased his 6-packs in Ghajini and SRK followed it his 6-packs in Om Shanti Om. Now Aamir has gone naked for PK and here is SRK, showing off even better body. So Aamir should focus on acting or better body or both or nothing or what?? So confusing for him, isn’t it?

3) Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik must be pacing in his room fully stressed. After all he is the original Greek god of the country with perfect toned physique and drop-dead gorgeous looks! But here comes SRK, steals all the attention with 8-packs, two more than Hrithik’s, and walks away with all the applause! What is Hrithik left with; conspiracies about his divorce? Ufff!!

4) Ajay Devgn

Ajay will come up with his standard statement of all those years: SRK is neither my friend, nor my enemy. We are acquaintances. However, in his heart he will be cursing Rohit Shetty for not making him work hard enough to showcase 8 or 10-pack abs in Singham Returns! Now what will Kajol think? Huh!!

5) Sonu Sood

This guy must be really broken-hearted by now. After all, he has been roaming around for the longest time displaying his perfectly sculpted body, but no one has given that kind of attention as much as SRK is getting! His thoughts would be: how is SRK’s body better than mine?

6) Karan Johar

Karan is no competition to SRK in any manner, but he must be repenting the day he fought with him and let go of such a close body, oops, buddy! After all, Karan must be drooling in his sleep imagining SRK’s sexy body. Clearly a case of sour grapes now, is it?

7) Arjun Rampal

Arjun must be cursing himself actually! He was the original supermodel of India and we are guessing he would have given some fine tips to SRK when they were close friends and used to work together. Then both parted ways under mysterious circumstances and see what Shahrukh has come up with! A better and sexy physique compared to Arjun! Time for jealousy now??

8) Abhishek Bachchan

Abhi would actually be happy staying away from attention. In a way he would be thinking it is good that no one is focusing on him, and his co-star is showered with all the adulation. This way he can eat all his aaloo ka paranthas calmly and focus on his growing tummy!

Well, these are our thoughts about what these celebs might be actually thinking in the garb of praising SRK’s hard work. Whatever it may be, SRK has shown the world that anything is possible at any age. So what if he might have had to take steroids and what not to achieve such perfection which may not be biologically possible at his age! He is almost 50, guys!

Anyways, as long as he has impressed people and motivated a few to get fit, his stunt works!

Go get some dumbbells, now!

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