Men Who Were Raped Shared Their Saddest Story And It Reveals That Male Victims Are Real Too!

Male Rape Victims

Male Rape Victims – 

Male rape victims exist too.

Recently, on Reddit, there was a question being asked and i.e. “Male Rape Victims Of Reddit; what happened? Many Male victims shared their stories and all I can say is, you shouldn’t ignore their PAINFUL story.

Plus, let me mention, that those who’ve have this thinking that “Male Rape victims doesn’t exist”, these answers will surely show you the truth.

Let’s begin – Male Rape Victims

  1. My dad remarried and the stepmom’ family looked after us every now and then. I was 11. There wasn’t a lot of bed space so my step aunt slept in my bed. She was in her 40s. The first time, she wanted to show me how “adults kiss”. Then later, how “adults can kiss other parts of the body”. It continued on for 3 years in the guise of her “teaching” me how to be a man and what adults do. It was 3 years of sexual molestation and abuse. It was manipulation–plain and simple. It ruined my sexual appetite as an adult and how I viewed women. It took me over 8 years to cope with it. I’m better now, but rape is real. Male victims are real.
  2. I was 8 years old, he was much older (not sure how much as 8 y/o are not that good at judging age). He sodomized me over 60 times that summer. Fucked me up for life with all that went on. Fortunately he’s dead now.
  3. I was drugged by a girl I knew in HS, her and her bf raped me while I was passed out, I don’t remember a lot of it.
  4. From the time I was 7 until 11, I was raped by an older family friend. He and my mom were platonic friends at work and he would occasionally hang out with us. He had no family. I thought he was like a real big kid. Eventually, he started taking me out every Saturday to do fun stuff and that let to overnight trips at his house. He started using me and at the age of 17 I found out, he had given me herpes.
  5. When I was about 7 years old, my brother molested me, made me do oral sex on him, some stuff I didn’t wanna do, fucked me up bad, when I was 16 I told my mom and she laughed at me, called me a liar, that fucked me up more. I’m 22 can’t hold down a job, can’t keep a relationship, and suffer from depression.
  6. Age 10 I was manipulated into performing oral sex on a friend’s sister who was 17 at the time. She also did this with her brother. She never got charged.
  7. During my time as an addict (15 y/o at the time) I was seeking MDMA but nobody was holding, so I kept getting numbers for different people from different people. I wound up in a shitty part of town, the X given to me was not X. I was drugged and gang raped. I didn’t know if that suddenly made me gay or not and it created a lot of inner turbulence. I was on the syringe within weeks.
  8. My friend said a guy climbed onto his back as my friend was laying face down on the floor and raped him. Sounded like the bastard had done it before, because he used his knees to press into the back of my friend’s knees, making it impossible for him to escape. My friend died two years ago, I only knew about it when I read the obituary. He was quite young and I wonder if it had been a suicide.
  9. I was mentally, physically, and sexually abused by my older brother from the age of 5 until about 15. I tried to tell my parents but it never really went anywhere. He has a viscous temper and I was very afraid of him and went along with it to save myself from being beaten.
  10. I was four. She was twelve. I told. No one cared. It happened a number of times. She called it ‘the game’.
  11. She stood up, dropped her pants, and said “if you don’t have sex with me I’m going to run upstairs and tell your mom you tried to rape me“.
  12. I was 18. Moved to la. I was kidnapped and held against my will for seven days. Was raped and forced to drink piss. On the seventh day he told me I was too ugly to fuck anymore. Blind folded me and drove around for hours then he dropped me off downtown with my wallet in a Ziploc bag. I could not be touched by a man for 6 years.

Male Rape Victims – So, now you believe that male victims exist too, right? What happens is, sometimes, a male victim thinks that it isn’t okay to share stories because the people will never believe ‘em, at all. But, you need to find the right ones to discuss your problems and help will come for sure. Also, it’s very important for parents to believe their kids when they come and share stories like this.

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