SRK’s Happy New Year On Sallu Bhai’s Big Boss 8 Will Lead To Fireworks!

Here we talk about Shahrukh Khan and his team’s probable chances of promoting their next flick, Happy New Year on Big Boss 8 with Salman Khan. It will be a treat for their fans!

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan will come face to face again! That too very soon!

In fact, why only Shahrukh, may be the whole team of Happy New Year including Abhishek Bachchan and Farah Khan will meet Sallu bhai in public on the most popular TV reality show, Big Boss 8!

When they meet for the promotion of Farah’s Happy New Year on the sets of Bigg Boss 8!

Believe me, it is a sure-shot formula for some smashing fireworks, even more than what’s being shown in the trailer of Happy New Year!

This could very well turn out to be the most awaited event of the year.

Every time Salman and Shahrukh have come face to face and kind of hugged each other, the whole country has gone bonkers! This time it will be like an outing of all enemies-turned-friends getting together for some fun and yeah, for some real big bucks!

Let’s tell you how.

We all know about the famous fight between Shahrukh and Salman. Then there is a shared history between Salman and Abhishek with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being the common denominator. How can we forget film’s director, Farah’s temporary shifting of loyalty from Shahrukh to Akshay Kumar due to the slapgate incident involving her husband Shirish Kunder!

You getting it guys?

All these people have fought with each other at one point or the other or have found themselves in pretty awkward situations. Forgetting all that yummy-as-a-masala-papad history, they might come together to feed some extra-sweet delicacy to their fans on Diwali eve!

This makes me wonder, was it actually a publicity gimmick when Shahrukh and Salman hugged each other during Eid? I mean, who knows, Shahrukh might be preparing ground to visit Big Boss sets as part of his film promotions. He obviously knows that during the last quarter of the year, nothing goes as big as Big Boss where TV is concerned. So promoting his movie on this platform will give it a wide reach among audiences and it may lead to big box office numbers. For Salman also, it’s a win-win situation. Getting Shahrukh on his show will definitely raise TRP’s to unprecedented levels and it can lead to a fatter pay packet for him in the next season! You see, it all boils down to MONEY!

However, there is a way they can sail past through this uncomfortable situation. Happy New Year’s team members might simply decide to avoid Salman and just visit the house inmates directly. That way, they won’t have to meet Salman on the sets and still get total publicity!

Let’s see what actually happens, but one thing is for sure- the anticipation has definitely raised the temperatures! Excitement is on full swing and heartbeats have increased! Exciting times are ahead, keep watching this space for some real fiery fun!

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