Shahid Kapoor’s Twisted Destiny: What Will He Get, Love Or Success?

It is about two developments in Shahid Kapoor’s life. One, where a teacher from Kolkata ran away from her home to meet her idol, i.e. Shahid. 2nd, he has signed a new movie with his ex-flame, Priyanka Chopra!

Dashing stud Shahid Kapoor is the man we love so much but who is not able to find love for himself. What a pity!

Simultaneously, success in his career is also avoiding him for some reason despite working for some big banners and with some talented directors.

When it comes to his dancing skills or songs of his movies with him performing, they become a rage across the country. Talk about bearing his acting throughout a movie. For most people, it remains a horrifying idea.

Well, let’s play fair with him!

He did give some hits in his early career years, including his debut movie, Ishq Vishq and then some in his later years like Jab We Met and Kaminey. But his recent flicks like R… Rajkumar and Phata Poster Nikla Hero made us wonder if he was doping while signing such duds!!

His love-life and career seem to be inter-related. If he gets a love-life, success may come to him. He even got a chance recently when one of his fans crossed the highest mountains and flew over the seven seas to meet him. Okay, that was exaggerated! But really, one of his crazy fans from Kolkata, a primary school teacher, made sure that heaven and hell come united to make her dream come true. She ran away from home to meet the love of her life; Shahid. She reached Mumbai, tried everything to get to him, but failed. Meanwhile her parents found her whereabouts and fetched her back. She truly was a spirited girl, she again ran away to come to Mumbai and doubled up her efforts! As they say, passionate dreams come true. Somehow our benevolent Shahid discovered her ordeal and arranged to meet her.

Guys, we have to give this one to him. He acted pretty much as a sensible and concerned man went ahead and met her!

He made her understand that she needs to go back to her family and not repeat such an act ever again!

How sweet! Now that’s how a STAR should treat his fans! Earned our brownie points there! It is a different matter that this act of his made him miss a potential soul-mate. Tch Tch!

This leaves us wondering, where does his sensibility vanish when he is selecting a movie or a girlfriend for that matter??

Hope is still alive guys, all is not lost!

He has just signed a movie, to be directed by the Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya fame director, Abhishek Chaubey.

Going by the rumours doing the rounds, the female lead might be none other than Shahid’s ex-flame, Priyanka Chopra! You see, it seems nature is conspiring to bring back these two love-birds together and who knows, the sparks might fly again, sky might turn red with excitement, and the whole universe glows with the rejuvenation of their passionate love!

Well, not sure if any of this will happen or not but all we can hope for is that this heartthrob of millions of girls gets his due in the industry. Also, with that, he ought to get the love of his life. Enough of heartbreaks for the handsome hunk, what say? Now whether is it Priyanka or some other chick, we don’t care!

Waiting for some reel chemistry between Shahid and Piggy Chops to burn the screens, Are we?



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