These 8 Facts About The Cruel Hitler Will Change Your Perception About Him

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler or just ‘Hitler’ was one of the cruelest human being in the history of mankind.

He was the reason for the holocaust, for World War II in Europe and a lot of Jewish deaths. His torture techniques, hard heart and cruel actions have been recorded in certain videos and books which give a clear picture of what he really did. The things that he did have obviously developed enough hate in us for him, and there’s nothing wrong in it but here we have gathered some unusual facts about him that will give you an inside picture of what he really and other things that revolve around him.

Let’s leash Adolf Hitler life:

1 – He hated Smoking:

Though the man who made sure he enjoyed all his luxuries and special treatment which involved smoking a lot in his early youth, he eventually developed a hate for smoking. According to him, smoking was just another way of wasting money and hence, banned the public use of the same.

2 – He didn’t consume Non-Vegetarian Food:

Hitler loved animals and hated eating them or having tests done on them. He wanted to promote vegetarianism after the war ended and that has been mentioned in his personal diary as well.

3 – He couldn’t Drive:

Hitler never learned how to drive because he feared failing in front of people. He had a lot of drivers for himself but never tried sitting on the driver’s seat for that matter.

4 – He was a Pervert:

Hitler never minded grabbing women by their private parts even in public and acted excessively freely with women without their consent. He even had an affair with his niece, Geli Raubal who committed suicide after turning 23 years of age. Reports say that she did that out of frustration from the sexual experiences with him.

5 – He wanted to be God:

When he was 4 years old he felt in the center of a lake in winters when a priest saved him; that was the moment that he decided that he’ll become a priest one day but later he decided that instead of serving God, he should become God himself.

6 – He had one Testicle:

During the battle of Somme in 1916, he was badly injured and as a result doctors had to remove one of his testicles to save his life. People say that his anger, rage and cruelty were the result of his inferiority complex because of the same.

7 – He tried 29 drugs to cure his digestive problems:

Hitler always became very uncomfortable after eating; he had diarrhea very often, stomach pains and gas problems. He was really disturbed because of this and hence, tried 29 different drugs which couldn’t help.

8 – He had crush on a Jewish Girl:

Hitler had a solid crush on a Jewish girl named Stephanie Isak who was in his school. He had a really shy personality back then and hence, never told her about his feelings.

I bet you never knew about these facts related to Adolf Hitler! He was a normal man with a devil’s mind who shook the entire world. Adolf Hitler cruelty can never be forgotten because he was the one who showed people what HELL was!

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