10 Reasons Why No One Can Escape The Deadly “SRK” Charm!

Shah Rukh Khan charms

Shah Rukh Khan charms – There is no other like him, he is the epitome of beauty, not just because he is beautiful, handsome, manly but also because he is a gentleman, a man of wisdom, he is the combination of humor and wit, he is talented and extremely versatile, a person from whom u cant escape at all, he is the Badshah Of Bollywood, the King Of All Hearts, an actor never ever seen so talented and fabulous…

He is Shah Rukh Khan!

Its suffice to say that his name in itself, projects the kind of man he is, all the above and more is what makes him an irresistible deadly yet charming hero!

Here is why no one can escape the deadly Shah Rukh Khan charms!

Shah Rukh Khan charms –

1)  His eyes speak a language of their own! No one but only his fans are a pro at understanding those sensual eyes of his.

2)  His words never fail to capture the hearts of many, or maybe it is the way he speaks, his voice in itself serves as an attack as powerful as a Cupid’s arrow!

3)  He is the one, we look upto when in dire need of an advice, the one who quite unknowingly caters to all our problems like a pro at life!

4)  He makes the dream of an ideal man a reality, a guy full of everything good that overpowers all the other faults!

5)  He shows as well as proves that a man can be loyal, hardworking, honest and yet be successful in whatever endeavors he takes on, one just has to be confident enough!

6)  He oozes sex appeal in a way that no other man can, just one look from him, and be sure to dig your own grave! No worries though, you will die happy!

7)  He is a balance of naughtiness and craziness with lots of humor and Wit!

8)  He can be dramatic yet so convincing that you can never match up to his moves!

9)  He is a gentleman, a girl desires and a guy wishes to be! He is the epitome of chivalry, a thing quite forgotten in today’s times!

10)  He goes out of his way to show his love for his fans, family, friends because he is a man who believes in loyalty and giving back love!

Shah Rukh Khan charms is like he makes everything else dimmer in his presence, he never shies away from doing what is right, he dares to risk everything and still comes out victorious in every battle that he has fought, he is fearless of failures and accepts all that comes his way graciously.

A man full of deadly charms indeed, an inescapable desire, He is the Shah Rukh Khan!

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