Serious LGBT Scenario In The Country Gets A Seriously Hilarious Twist With Dostana-2!

Our film-makers have a great power in their hands to bring impactful cinema for the mass audience that they have. If a subject, as grave as LGBT Rights in the country, can be treated in a lighter manner and served to youth of today,

The current scenario of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Rights is becoming a serious issue with each passing day in the nation!

But the question to be asked is, “Does the youth of today want to see it as a serious issue or just a matter of personal preference, or a basic survival right, that too in a lighter light?” 

Ask me and I would say, treat it with an open mind and it is not an issue at all! 

This is what some of our young film-makers tried to portray in their previous flicks that definitely touched the chords in our hearts! 

Dostana 2, which is the sequel to the 2008 block-buster Dostana, produced by Karan Johar and Directed by Tarun Mansukhani, is another attempt in the direction and seems to be rather successful one! Tarun Mansukhani, young and dynamic director of Dostana, who also wrote the script for Dostana-2 is quite upbeat about this subject and the fresh methodology to treat in a lighter fashion rather than making it a heart-wrenching social drama! 

He quoted one of his experiences during the release of Dostana in 2008. “I was in New York for the screening of Dostana which had been selected in the iView Film Festival organised by the Engendered Society which aims at creating awareness on gender and sexuality. I was surprised when the film got selected but the organisers were very excited to have its screening. My film opened the Festival.” If this is the kind of difference we can bring with one comic canvas, imagine the impact of many such initiatives in the direction. 

People, especially the youth of today, definitely want to bring a change in the prevailing rotten society, but without shedding buckets of blood! 

Unless the film-makers create something new, one can’t tell with certainty what verdict it will get. The perception and thinking of the people about LGBT situation has changed dramatically, which of course was reflected in the tremendous response that Dostana got. The added factor was the comic ground it was presented in, which made a huge alteration to the whole appearance of the movie. Hilarity makes the impact! Undoubtedly!

As far as the cast of Dostana 2 is concerned, Arjun Rampal will be a new addition into the existing band-wagon. Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham will reprise their roles from the previous movie. Seductress Katrina Kaif will be seen in female lead. Reportedly Ritesh Deshmukh, Shreyas Talpade, and Dino Morea have also been signed for the film. 

The setting of the sequel is rumoured to be relocated from Miami to London. It was also rumoured that production on the film reportedly began in October 2011.

Dostana 2 will reportedly release in mid-2015. 

The script of the movie went through a lot of detailing and working before being finalized. Abhishek Bachchan gave a brief word about it. He said “This is not about who is happy or unhappy with the script. Dostana was a big hit, and so it is obvious that the filmmakers want to be sure about every detail of its sequel. The expectations from Dostana 2 are sky high, and nobody wants to take a chance with it. We want it to be better than Dostana.” 

Of course Abhi, we are all running high expectations form Dostana 2, in terms of movie, masala, masti and magic, and also for the wonderfully hilarious bend it can bring to the current LGBT situation in the country. 

Eagerly Awaited: Dostana 2!

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