Salman Khan, He Who Is BEING HUMAN, Is Not A Good Human Being At All

So, He preaches everyone to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING! We look up to him and we are ardent followers of BEING HUMAN. We so much want to be like him. Is this propagator of Being Human, a GOOD HUMAN BEING at all?

So, he preaches everyone to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING! Bravo, the Man of God! 

We revere him. 

We look up to him and we are ardent followers of BEING HUMAN. 

We so much want to be like him. We love Salman Khan! 

But, let me ask you all one candid question. 

Is this propagator of Being Human, a GOOD HUMAN BEING at all? 

Well, we all are familiar with his tales of atrocities and over-the-top blatant actions, which brought him into light and still grabs his attention

How do we forget all of those while worshipping the self-proclaimed angel?  

Let me give you an account of all the super-heroic deeds that this HUMAN BEING may not be very proud of! 


This only bachelor Khan in Bollywood, Salman has had a very colourful history as far as his love life is concerned. Starting from Sangeeta Bijalani and currently pausing at Romanian Lulia Vantur, there is no full stop to Salman Khan’s love life. 

Almost every few years the list is populated with a new entry. 

After Sangeeta Bijalani and Somi Ali, there came Aishwarya Rai and then her much touted look-alike Sneha Ullal. Later, there came Katrina and her look-alike Zarine Khan (he seems to have some fetish with look-alikes). Apart from these famous affairs, Salman Khan has also had a string of flings that lasted for just a couple of months. He is said to be sleeping with his fans too! 

This proves that he is not a big fan of integrity. He cannot be committed to one woman. 

Is he a Good Human Being?

Not At All!



The so called love-story of Salman Khan and the former Miss World Aishwarya Rai is the stuff of Bollywood legend. The famous love affair started when they were shooting for the film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. They broke up in March 2002 and Aishwarya said she took the decision as Salman admitted that he was not faithful to her. But he couldn’t accept the denial and retaliated in not-a-very-nice way. She later stated, “The Salman Khan chapter was a nightmare in my life and I am thankful to God that it is over.” 

Salman harassed her and her family. Even the Rai family formally lodged a police complaint against his shameful behaviour. The drunken actor was found hounding the actress, hurling abuse to her and breaking the window glasses of her apartment and even breaking up the furniture. Aishwarya talked about this painful phase in her life as, “After we broke up, he would call me and talk rubbish. He also suspected me of having affairs with my co-stars. I was linked up with everyone, from Abhishekh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan. There were times when Salman got physical with me, luckily without leaving any marks. And I would go to work as if nothing had happened.” 

Not being faithful. Beating his lady. Disrespecting her parents. Abusing family and friends. Is he a good Human Being?

Not At All!



Here is a super example of his most INHUMAN behaviour. 

An epic one I must say! 

On 28 September 2002, he was arrested for rash and negligent driving. When his car ran into a bakery in Mumbai, a person who was sleeping on the pavement outside the bakery got crushed under his car and died on the spot, while three others were injured in the brutal accident.  Charges of culpable homicide were filed against him, but later they were dropped. On 24 July 2013, he was formally charged with culpable homicide in the case, to which he pleaded not guilty. The court-case is still going on and the trial is scheduled to begin on 19th August 2014. 

He is in fact intoxicated with his money, fame, and position. He, who is running BEING HUMAN and indirectly preaching us to be a good HUMAN BEING, doesn’t acknowledge the value of a HUMAN BEING!  

Is he a Good Human Being? 

Not At All!



He has been sentenced to one-year and five-year prison terms in two cases involving the hunting of two chinkaras at Bhawad village and a Black Buck, which is an endangered species, at Mathania village in 1998. He has been in jail twice, for three days in 1998 and six days in 2007 before he received bail.

The court-case continues

Killing Animals. Hunting them for sheer fun.  

Is he a good Human Being?

Not At All!



Back in 2010, while he arrived for Anil Kapoor’s birthday bash, he slapped a fan brutally who was just trying to show his love and admiration for the star. Salman slapped him so hard that he went flying in a corner. A popular TV channel’s correspondent who was incidentally present on the spot, covered the incident on his camera, but was forced to delete the footage by Salman and his bouncers. Had he not done that, he would have met some gruesome accident too. Right? 

In another occurrence while he was shooting at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, in between the shoot he was also talking to his fans, giving them autographs and posing with them for pictures. During the photo session, one of his fans tried to wrap an arm around Salman to get closer to him. When Salman’s bodyguard saw this he tried separating the fan and Salman and hit the fan’s arm by mistake. This didn’t go down well with our Sallu Miyaan, he lost his temper and slapped his bodyguard in front of all his fans. 

Going around slapping people. Not respecting anyone’s dignity. Using physical force to shut the scenario down.

Is he a good Human Being?

Not At All.



Salman has always shared a love-hate relationship with the media. 

During a recent event he and his bodyguards mistreated press. He refused to pose for them and tweeted un-called-for remarks for journalists and media as a whole. As a result he was banned by entire media fraternity. He didn’t care for this ban. He said that photographers should not be under any misconception that stars exist because of them. 

He thinks he can mishandle, mistreat, disrespect and misbehave with anyone.

With all this kind of blatancy going on for him, is he a Good Human Being? 

Not At All! 

And lastly… 

Who doesn’t know of his strong connections with the underworld and his threats to people owing to these associations. He seems to be a fearless devil on the prowl who is not scared of anything at all. 

Who is backing him? 

So, this NOT-SO-HUMAN man, who is worshipped by many in and out of the nation claims to be a fantastic human and preaches BEING HUMAN through his sham NGO called BEING HUMAN. 

Isn’t this a cover-up for all his crude actions? Yes, It is. 

Isn’t he trying to clean his slate to come out as an angel? Sure. 

Does he deserve all that he is bestowed with? Not at all. 

Why are we not able to see the REALITY behind all this?


Dear Salman Khan’s Fans, You have to decide.

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