Radha Ashtami Dedicated To Lord Krishna’s Lady

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Radha Ashtami is the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna’s beloved Lady Radha. She does not have any unreal powers, not compared to God or Goddesses. But she is still worshipped for her passion and love for Krishna. It is a religious day of the Hindus celebrated in her birthplace, Barsana. Not only in Mathura but the place that still exists showing the existence of the couples Mathura celebrates Radha Ashtami. This holy day is also known as the Radha Jayanti. She is one of the favorite friends or Gopi of Krishna. Among thousands of Gopiya, of which Radha was close but they were beyond the worldly facts and rituals. They did not marry each other but still, the world worship them together. 

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Radha Ashtami, Day of Birth

The favorite gopi of Krishna was born on the 8th day of the Shukla paksha month of Bhadra, according to the Hindu calendar. She was born on the 12th in the area of Barsana, in Uttar Pradesh. The strange story is still believed that she did not open her eyes until Lord Vishnu or Krishna came in front of her eyes. She was raised by King Vrishbhanu and his wife Keerti. 

Also known as Radharani, she is worshipped for her passion, love, contribution to their lifelong relationship, and devotion. The mythology mentions her as the strength and inspiration of his supremacy. Her existing love and devotion with the incarnation of Lord Vishnu are given a form known as Raas Lila. A way of expressing through song, and dance, Raas Lila in the beauty of Vrindavan during their youth times are evergreen. 

Radha is worshipped as the supreme Goddess in the Radha Vallabha Sampradaya. They are one of the oldest communities in Vrindavan since 1535. The community is followers of Vaishnava who are devoted to Radharani as Goddess. 

There are seven temples build by the Supreme Lady “Radha Rani” located in Mathura. One of the popular temples is the Shri Radha Vallabh temple situated in Mathura, which describes and preaches the ideology of Radha. 

ManiMahesh Lake, Holy pilgrimage

The strange relationship between Radha and Krishna was confined to two types. They are a relation of sharing love, Parakiya and another is the Svakiya, their married life. But the world knows that they were married to different individuals. Krishna was married to Rukmini, according to the social and cultural beliefs she would have been placed instead of Radhe. But Krishna’s faith, strength, and dependence were mostly on her Radha Rani. 

Herby on this specific day the ManiMahesh Lakes is visited by about 2 lakhs of pilgrims. The pilgrimage journey ends on the day of Radha Ashtami. The beauty of the Kailash mountain and the surrounding Nature in Himachal Pradesh is unbelievable. Trekking is worthy for nature lovers along with offering prayers to Radhe. 

The journey begins from the day of Krishna’s Birthday and continues till the Radha Ashtami. Almost it is a travel or trek of 14 days after which it concludes reaching the destination, ManiMahesh Lake. 

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