7 Things We All Did When We Had A Crush On Our Classmate!

Things We All Did When We Had A Crush

Things We All Did When We Had A Crush

No matter what, our high school days are undeniably irreplaceable, agree? The feeling of having a crush on a classmate and then quietly starring ‘em, was literally the best thing that ever happened during that time.

Even you must’ve had a little crush in your good-old-high school-days, right? And frankly, even you must’ve did crazy things, just so that, your crush will notice and stuff like that. You know, having crush on the classmate is like experiencing the craziest thing in the world. It doesn’t matter if the things we do make us look strange because we’re so much into that moment, that everything around looks magical.

Well according to me, these are the things we all did when we had a crush.

  1. Attending the boring lectures

Yes!! No matter how boring the lectures were, all of us must’ve attended lectures only because our crush is attending. The reason was simple- You just wanted to look at your crush and admire the beauty etc.

And like some people say- This was actually good because we were marked present too.

  1. Writing name at the backside of the book

I don’t know about boys, but girls must’ve done this for sure. You know, when lectures are boring or there’s nothing to do, decorating the back pages and writing name of the crush in a stylish manner was the coolest thing.

  1. You went to places where your crush was already present

C’mon! This thing is a sure shot. I mean, during that moment, it doesn’t matter if you hated the place but if your crush was hanging out there, it meant that you should you go there too.

  1. You kept talking about your crush

You must’ve never got tired talking about your crush with your BFF. Discussing things like- “Hey, he was looking so handsome”, “Today he looked at me and smiled”, and “He was standing so close to me” etc etc.

  1. Day-dreaming about your crush

The moment you saw your crush, the butterflies in the stomach started to fly. And then day-dreaming that your crush is having a sweet-talk with you and the instant smile on your face used to describe it all.

  1. Getting Jealous but acting cool

Yeah I can understand this thing totally. When your crush used to talk with somebody else, that little thing used to kill you. But all you did was acted as if “everything is cool” and that’s it.

  1. “Hi”, “Bye” was like the best part of the day

When your crush used to say “Hi” or even a “Goodbye”- it was like the best thing that happened and then you used to keep repeating the way he said it.

These were the things we all did when we had a crush and i think, it must’ve put you in the “reminiscing mode” for sure.

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