Politics Needs Piku! Sports Needs Piku! I Need Piku! You Need Piku!


What a relief!!

I just loved Piku!

Piku begins with a reference to constipation proceeds to indulge in poop-centric jokes and ends with a reference to a good, satisfying “motion”.

The last time Bollywood presented a film so fixated on the human digestive system was Delhi Belly. In Piku, however, it’s potty humour, Bengali style. On one hand, it means the film has none of the crude bits that Abhinay Deo and Akshat Verma’s north Indian caper did. It’s graceful, elegant and never crass. It’s also far more relentless in its focus.

Piku is all about potty, particularly Amitabh Bachchan’s potty. And it — the film — is as wonderful, satisfying and fulfilling as a long-awaited, post-constipation dump.

Ahhhh what a relief!!!

If you have dealt with a nerve wrenching constipation, you would know how a POTTY RELIEF feels!

Writer Juhi Chaturvedi and director Shoojit Sircar have done what no one thought Bollywood had the gumption to do: they’ve made a film that’s entirely unpredictable. From character to plot, everything in Piku will take you by surprise. Everything other than Bachchan’s inconsistent Bengali-accent, that is. But it’s a minor flaw because Piku gets pretty much everything else right, and gloriously so.


Padukone’s Piku is not a heroine, but a very real person. She’s not a nubile, pretty face. She’s grown up, responsible and doing everything on her own!


Piku is great fun. It’s filled with laughter and so much motion as well as emotion that you will want to watch it again the moment you come out. Just so that you can return to the banter between Rana, Bhaskor and Piku. And adds to it the psychological relief of getting the bowels opened, thrown out and a great dump with a blissful sigh! 

Now, allow me to ask, Don’t we all need that! Don’t we all need a Piku?

Modi Sarkaar is definitely constipated and so is Indian Politics!

Our sports and sportsmen are at the worst stage of constipation and need an immediate relief!

Our Law and Judiciary are displaying severe constipation and farting fowl smells (reference recent Sallu Bhai and Jailalitha Cases, and many others languishing in the courts for eons)!

We are busying ourselves in making actual poop-centric jokes about these demented entourage around us and happy displaying them on social media!

But the question is, who or what is going to be the Piku of all these!

Shouldn’t our filmmakers be choosing more targeted subjects to make a Piku for all these grossly infected areas of the nation and try to provide some relief. Why can’t we have a more relevant cinema, which provides answers to these constipated situations? As we all know that cinema is one medium which propagate far and wide and is able to instil thoughts in common man’s brain. Now that the problem is severe and we are screaming for an immediate relief, how about joining hands and asking for a Piku?

I need a Piku for sure! To help me out of all the constipated situations of my life!

Do you?

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