This Photographer Captured Something Unique In Katrina Kaif That No One Could

Meet Bhavesh Patel who did the photo shoot of Katrina Kaif. He calls himself ‘˜unique’ photographer. See what is unique about his passion.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. It is generally an established fact that eyes are very important to visually appreciate beauty.

Meet Bhavesh Patel who did the photo shoot of Katrina Kaif. He calls himself ‘unique’ photographer. You must be wondering may be he is mentioning about the unique Dutch angles he takes or the manner in which he defies rule of 1/3rds.

The unique thing is not the techniques he uses but the lens he uses. He uses only the lens to capture beauty.

He is visually challenged. Blind by birth Bhavesh can’t see but captures the beauty through his camera lens.

The latest video of ‘Lux Perfume Portraits’ shows the behind the scene moments how Bhavesh Patel takes pictures of Katrina Kaif:

We have seen her awesome pictures often but how many of us saw the inner beauty of this gorgeous actress?

To see that beauty you need to sense that is more powerful than eyesight. Bhavesh is gifted with that unique sensibility that he uses to capture the inner beauty.

Connecting it to the sense of fragrance Lux positions beautifully in this video.

Towards the end there is a a shot of the photographer trying to touch and feel the beauty he just captured. He asks Katrina how the photographs came out to which she replied, “They are amazing.”

Bhavesh Patel is a Mumbai based photographer and was given the opportunity to do photo shoot of Katrina Kaif.

He talks about pursuing photography as he aims to be unique.

Of course who would ever imagine a visually challenged person taking up a profession that requires vision.

Perhaps his vision in life is deeper than what normal human eye can capture.

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