Facebook’s Slingshot Is Now Updated with Unlimited Reactions!

First update for Slingshot was rolled out by Facebook by adding certain new features.

First update for Slingshot was rolled out by Facebook by adding certain new features.

Slingshot is the photo messaging app from this social media site where the users can take a photo or video and then ‘sling’ (send) it to the other users. Too open a sling received, the recipient also needs to send a sling to the original user. By double tapping on the received slings too the users could react.

With the first and new update the users can now react to the messages or slings.

This is quite different from Slingshot’s signature “shot-for-shot” reaction setting.

Initially, the users could view a message only through a single reaction. They were not required to send a reaction of their own. However, this feature is still applicable for the regular messages but now the users can exchange unlimited reaction messages. The users, though, will have to unlock the new slings with their replies first.

To reply to a certain reaction is a good feature as it keeps the thread alive and the users can start a completely new thread to keep a conversation going. Though the change may not seem a big one but it is good enough to keep the users engaged. This messaging app from Facebook has initially struggled to gain popularity with the users. Now by enabling the users to send reactions in response to a reaction, Facebook is moving away from the shot-for-shot dynamic that had earlier made the users sceptical about the messaging app and made it less appealing.

You can also draw on the photos to send and add text on Slingshot. The new update has also introduced an improved ‘My People’ tab on the photo messaging app. this tab will display all your friends and contacts in a single list. That’s cool, isn’t it? You can even send text messages to contacts who do not have this app. however, as of now this new update has been rolled out for iOS devices only. The android users will just have to wait!

It is interesting to note that in the recent past the new updates from Facebook has been concentrated on the Snapchat-like messaging apps. First it was Bolt’s debut, then the Messenger update and now Slingshot. As of now the Slingshot update is available in 3 selected countries.

It will be launched worldwide sooner than soon!

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