These 4 Zodiac Signs Have The Habit OF Blaming Themselves – Are You One OF Them?

Zodiac Signs – There are certain people who always have the habit of blaming themselves, even when they shouldn’t do it. It’s like, if anything bad happens & the mistakes are committed by somebody else in their friends circle, these people will end up saying “Oh I’m sorry, I know it’s all my FAULT” etc etc. You know, some people really have the habit of connecting dots that screams “It’s your FAULT.”  No matter how hard you try to convince them, that it isn’t your mistake, these people will never keep calm.

I have a friend who has this habit of continuously taking the blame on her. Sometimes it gets annoying though but there are some traits that makes her do that. This silly “blaming game” actually means that certain people are putting themselves in trouble. Isn’t it? I mean, c’mon why would you take a blame on yourself when you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s like, these people are “ADAT SE MAJBOOR.”

These below mentioned signs are the ones who are always blaming themselves even when they shouldn’t do it.


Gemini’s have this big problem and no matter how many people tell ‘em, “Stop it. It isn’t your mistake, Gemini’s will dig a point to prove that it’s their mistake only.” They convince themselves that everything bad happens because they didn’t paid attention etc. Mostly Gemini’s are confused people & so they don’t understand how to figure out what’s right & wrong. When nothing comes in light, they start the blame game. Sometimes it annoys people around them, but no one can stop a Gemini from feeling guilty.


Cancerians are sometimes rude to themselves. Sometimes, they degrade themselves even though they shouldn’t do it. Cancerians are quick to say “Maybe it’s my mistake” even though they don’t have actual results out. Cancerians are very emotional people and so they carry guilt in their heart, even though they shouldn’t.

  1. VIRGO

Virgo’s are good at hiding their FEELINGS. The thing with Virgo is, they take things to their heart very easily. Suppose if they planned something & it didn’t worked out well, then Virgos will show that it’s FINE but deep inside, they will keep saying “How did this happened?” I should’ve paid more attention etc.

In the inside, they blame themselves a lot.


Pisceans are very emotional people. While doing anything, Pisceans are always clear that they don’t want their actions to hurt people. But surprisingly if the people they’re hanging out with ends up being unhappy for a reason, Pisceans start thinking that it’s because of them.

Pisceans, you’re a good human being and you need to take things easy.

Zodiac Signs – You need to take it easy. 

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