You Won’t Believe The Real Reason Behind Om Puri’s Death

Om Puri

Just a few days ago, veteran actor Om Puri passed away suddenly and left the whole industry in shock.

He was a great actor and an amazing human being to say the least. His personality was so vibrant that he had the power to win anyone’s heart just with a few words. When the news of his demise came out, most of the people couldn’t believe that it happened.

But unfortunately, it happened and we lost a gem of a person.

As per the news that came on the morning of his death, it was a sudden heart attack.

But in reality, there are doubts that it is much more than just that. The police has reported that Om Puri hasn’t died because of just a heart attack. The driver of Om Puri when reached his apartment to wake him up on that morning, he was expecting from Om Puri to open the gate but there was no reply. And then he took the help of the neighbors and broke open the door. What he found inside was Om Puri lying in the kitchen half naked and with a severe injury on his head.

Yes, it wasn’t a heart attack but a head injury that took his life and now police is investigating if he actually died a natural death or not. Because as per the reports, his death didn’t seem natural and there are possibilities that he had struggled.

What’s more heart breaking about Om Puri’s death is the depression that he was going through.

Though he was having a great work life, his personal life wasn’t that good. The night before he died, he was crying and missing his son and wanted to meet him but couldn’t.  Om Puri used to live alone in his Lokhandwala apartment and his life was very lonely with no one around him. It wasn’t just a head injury or a heart attack that took his life; it was also the sadness and loneliness that made him reach to that stage where he was drunk whole day before the day he died.

The police has sent reports further for testing and within a week it will be ruled out if he died a natural death or if it’s something else.

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