No more masala flicks, please!

Aren’t you tired of the ‘Dhishum Dhishum’ brand of movies? We want to watch intelligent cinema and not be hung up on the 70s…

With the recently released action potboiler ‘Zanjeer’ flopping miserably at the BO, the message is loud and clear. No more of these mindless masala fares, please! Bollywood directors need to understand that we have moved past the 70s, the era of ‘dhishum dhishum’. We are in a time where meaningful cinema is being appreciated and looked forward to. Not crappy revenge sagas laced with action sequences. Zanjeer, Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic movie, should never have been re-made. The movie that launched Big B’s career might just seal South superstar Ram Charan Teja’s fate in Bollywood forever.

But nobody seems to be listening, as yet another ‘formulaic’ action-drama is up for release next month. Akshay Kumar’s ‘Boss’ is so mediocre in terms of content and action that we are surprised a star like Kumar chose to do it. Agreed that his last outing in an action movie (Rowdy Rathore) sent him into the coveted Rs 100-cr club, but this time it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Simply coming on the screen and bashing up the bad guys is the lamest phase to have happened to our industry. While the 70s and 80s could bear such drama and even cheer the heroes on, in 2013, such movies have no relevance whatsoever.

We are definitely going to blame Salman ‘Dabangg’ Khan for ushering in this change. What with Dabangg and its sequal Dabangg 2 doing roaring business at the box office. This brand of cinema soon inspired a certain Shetty who went onto inflict on us a movie called ‘Singham’. That’s not all, Sanjay Dutt, who is currenty serving a jail term for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, attempted a disaster called ‘Policegiri’. Not heard of it? Worry not, the movie was a total washout. Not even the front-bench public could appreciate it. It’s a clear case ‘too much’.

Not that we don’t enjoy an over-the-top tadkedaar fare, but how many can we possible watch in a year? If you’re going to churn out such flicks by the hour, at least have some basic plot in mind. Nobody wants to spend a bomb to watch bashing up stuff when we can do that by playing video games. Just when we were happy that actresses were getting their dues and not being used as beautiful props, comes movies like ‘Zanjeer’, ‘Policegiri’ and ‘Boss’! Even a top heroine like Priyanka Chopra was wasted in ‘Zanjeer’. Apart from her parlour-treated tresses and branded clothes, she had nothing much do…even the supposed highlight of the movie ‘Pinky’ song is a pathetic attempt at making the movie work at single-screens. Tough luck, dearies. Even those public have some class.

Are you excited about ‘Boss’ or planning to give it a royal miss? Even Khiladi Kumar, in his 40s, doesn’t inspire us to watch a mindless movie that’s bam-bam… no story, mam.

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