Big “B” Unveiled Who All Will Get His Assets Post His Death And We Are Proud Of You Mr. Bachchan!

Mr Bachchan

Mr Bachchan – There are still few more days to go for women’s day  but Big “B” star of the millennium  is already passing out a strong statement of gender equality.

Where in a daughter should also legally get an equal share in fathers property.  Which, obliviously most of the people or the so called communities don’t follow and pass out everything only to sons.

Mr Bachchan tweeted an image which has written “when I die the assets I shall leave behind shall be shared equally between by son and my daughter # gender equality# we are equal.  He also captioned image as # we are equal and # gender equality. The image says a millennium words. Such a strong message when it’s passed by a strong personality it shall definitely strike a chord in many hearts. Well our hearts are already melted we are so proud of you Mr Bachchan!

Amitabh Bachchan has two kids as we know Abhishek Bachchan and Shweta and he would share everything equally between both. This move is definitely for most of the Indians who still believe the traditional systems where a girl post wedding is not even counted as a member of the house she is born. Despite of the courts coming to rescue of daughters, when cases are filed, but to file the case of property against brother or father itself is considered incorrect in Indian society.  So, basically this move of him is ought to bring change in the way of people think.

A beautiful message and great thinking  Mr Bachchan if we have super heroes like you India would definitely change and every daughter would live with dignity and self respect!

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