Alia Bhatt’s Classmate Just Revealed How She Was in School

Alia Bhatt’s classmate

If you visit Quora frequently, then you may be aware of how it is the best place for most of us who seek an answer for every question in this world.

So, just like me and you, everyone is curious to know what their favourite celebrities were really like when they were not stars.

Though Alia Bhatt was already a star because she was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, someone on Quora was curious to know about her and hence, a question was put up – ‘What was it like to be Alia Bhatt’s classmate?’

After all, she had proved herself dumb in front of the whole world at Koffee with Karan, so they were curious to know if she was the same in school. Luckily, one of Alia Bhatt’s classmate, whose name is Siddharth Salla saw the question and answered us with whatever he knew. Well, it is already something that we would have predicted for a star kid.

Here’s what he had to say about being Alia Bhatt’s classmate –

“Jamnabai had alot of groupism. People without groups were loners or picked on. I was in the middle but naturally alia had a group since I can remember.

Alia obviously was always the popular girl who used to get all the attention as she was mahesh bhatts daughter. She was always selected in plays etc which happened in school. She always had an entourage following her around school. I remember she and her entourage were crash dieting in the 6th standard and after the physical education class in the summer they all fainted.

We all knew she was always going to be an actor. Some of us were jealous as we knew she was sorted for the rest of her life cause of her father and she didn’t have to go to the struggle the way the other actors such as Shahrukh Khan went through to reach their goal & some of us didn’t bother.

Frankly speaking she never spoke to anyone except for her friends. She was a 70-80% student.

We recently had a reunion it was the people were in their own groups no one socialized beyond the people they grew up eg I saw alia and I dont think she ever noticed me in school or reunion.”

This is what Alia Bhatt’s classmate said – So, Alia was literally like the Shanaya of Student of the Year in her school and we are not surprised. People were jealous of her and looks like she didn’t care much about that. Such a diva really deserves all that, right?

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