While Meeting A Celeb In Real Life – Listen What These People Had To Say !

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Meeting a celeb – We all are crazy about our celebrities because for us, one glimpse is enough to make our day.

When meeting a celeb in real life, we get goosebumps and our heart suddenly skips a beat. Well, they have a charm and an impression on us that makes us wonder every now and then about how amazing it could be to meet them in real life.

Now, those who haven’t met them have no idea about what it could be like, but you can listen to the experience of those who did meet them.

Here, have a look at what these people had to say when they were asked on Quora about what they felt meeting a celeb ?

This is what a guy named Ronak Vakahria had to say:

“My daughter is in the TV/Modelling industry (pic attached) and through her I get to meet a lot of celebrities, I have attached a few pics of my recent meet with BomanIrani, NehaDhupia& the greatest of them all “Bharat Ratna” Sachin Tendulkar.

We all humans are the same, no one is different. There, on the sets, actors too commit mistakes, they get the scolding if they don’t do their part properly, even Sachin did a lot of “retakes” (around 25-30) for just one dialogue, I have a video of his goof ups. People feel that after becoming celebs, they get a lot of attitude and stuff, but that’s not completely true.”

When a guy named Mayank Sharma met Amir Khan:

“I saw AamirKhan sitting and having lunch in a hotel, I was awestruck & kept looking towards him for I don’t know how long. I was literally afraid as in what if someone would stop me from meeting him. So, I decided to run towards him once he is done with his lunch as I came to know that he has to go for a closed-door interview at the room next door.

Once he was done with his lunch, me & my colleague ran towards him but somehow couldn’t manage to ask him or even call him from behind. There were shutterbugs all around as he started walking towards the next door. I wasn’t able to gather enough courage to stop & ask him for a selfie but as he was about to enter the room, my colleague called him from behind & asked, “Excuse me, sir!”

He turned backwards & replied, “Yes!” Then I started & said, “Hi sir, can we please have a picture with you!” (He nodded his head in the affirmative with a smile on his face) I opened my phone camera & with excitement & adrenaline at its peak, clicked a selfie with him. It was a blur picture! I again requested him for another picture and he again nodded his head in the affirmative. And then I thanked him for such an amazing gesture, he replied with a smile. He was there with us for like 40–50 seconds and during that time, he was carrying a big smile on his face.”

And when Rohan Swamy had a celeb encounter:

“Happened to bump into one of the most talented people you will see on the TV screen and is a household name. Mr. Sunil Grover A.K.A Dr.Mashur Gulati, A.K.A Guthi. He has also done few movies and serials prior to working in Kapil Sharma Shows.

One Saturday Afternoon I was awaiting my Flight to Mumbai from Bangalore. I had time so thought of grabbing a cup of coffee. I saw this person standing next to me in a very casual wear waiting for his order. No, we are very used to see him in different attires that not only me, not many could identify him at a glance. Also, being a Saturday afternoon, the Airport was relatively empty.

These days almost all the celebrities are active on social media, i thought of re-confirming once before I approach him and only after seeing his tweet I thought of talking to him. When I spoke to him, he appeared super humble and was happy to converse. I had asked for an autograph, but unfortunately, wasn’t carrying a pen. He somehow managed to get a pen from the Cafe. He even obliged to take a pic, only after this, people realized who he was, as the waiter from the near lounge refused to take my picture as he wanted his own first.

One of the guys wasn’t carrying any page so offered Rs.100 note to get it signed. But he refused to spoil the note as he said it would be disrespectful and also he was/is part of a campaign against spoiling the money notes. That was Gem. Soon he was flooded with people. But I had good 10 mins with him before that. Humble and very down to earth.

P.S. – I have come across Malaika Arora Khan once, again at the Airport but couldn’t manage an Autograph as she was with her crew.”

These were the experiences of meeting a celeb. These were the accounts of some of the people who managed to catch celebrities and were lucky enough to interact with them. What was your experience like? Tell us in comments.

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