Expecting These Things From Your Partner Can Damage The Relationship

Expecting things can damage relationship

“Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectations”

Yes, you read it right.

See there’s nothing wrong to expect things from your partner but the over expectation & for unnecessary things; it can result into ruining your lovely relationship.

No relationship is perfect & don’t even take the romantic movies so seriously because that’s one more root that causes to affect your personal relationship.

As we all know- Every relationship needs a little more effort & thus blindly expecting things from your partner is not going to be magical in result.

Therefore check how expecting things can damage relationship:

  1. Expecting your partner to always understand you

Your partner is also a human & no matter even if you have spent like 2 years together; don’t fall into thinking that your partner completely understands you.

See even though your partner senses that you are unhappy; don’t expect that he should also know the reason behind it because he is not your mind reader.

  1. To always spend time with you

It is quite obvious that you want your partner to be with you for like 24*7 but clearly that’s not how it goes in the day. Agree? And the reason is; your partner has their own space & therefore they love to be alone without you as well.

So better don’t create a scene by saying- your partner is not giving you time.

  1. Expecting that your partner knows every detail about you

The details include- your likes, dislikes etc. Well, when asked about your favourite things don’t expect the right answer from your partner only because you know what they like.

Even though you have talked about your “like thing”- do understand a person can miss out on things sometimes.

  1. Expecting to have same opinions

Many fights occur due to this reason only. It is possible that your partner can have a different opinion about a certain situation. So; just don’t end up fighting about it.

  1. Expecting that your partner will never hurt you

We all want that part to be true but it is not something that exist.

Be it unknowingly; it is never going to happen that you partner will NEVER-EVER going to hurt you. I mean; his different view on a certain topic can indirectly hurt you but that’s not your partner’s fault at all.

Hence these points are enough to prove that expecting things can damage relationship.

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