KRK Doesn’t Tweet, He Barks. 5 Qualities That KRK And A Dog Share

KRK is like a dog – Dog like characteristics Kamaal Rashid Khan possesses. Not disrespecting dogs’¦the comparison is purely intended for fun.

Not disrespecting dogs…the comparison is purely intended for fun.

Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) who made his debut in the Bollywood film industry with the movie ‘Deshdrohi’ that was banned in Maharashtra has gained stardom in the social media world with some sensational headline making ability that he possesses

So yes as we all know that the term ‘kutta’(meaning dog) is used as a famous abuse in almost all the Bollywood films, let me throw light on some of the dog like characteristics Kamaal Rashid Khan possesses.

Loser who kept barking:

Clearly he is a case of the biggest flop this industry could come up with. As his 1st movie was banned and his dreams of being a big superstar went for a toss, this twitteratti whose tweets are funnier as he writes in his own version of English, he decided to take on every person from this industry and even give reviews on the upcoming films.

He kept barking till people actually took a notice of his loser personality.

For those who don’t know about this huge Twitter celebrity who has 558K followers, here is a glimpse of how his career started:

Fighter like a dog:

Watch this below video link to understand the amplified voice modulation skills this brilliant personality possesses. This video is from the nonsensical show of the Indian television industry that is apparently a big reality show called ‘Big Boss’.

We heard of cat fights but when KRK barks we need to expect a hard core dog fight. 

P.S. Don’t miss the part at around 6th minute the abusing skillset he shows adds to his fighting qualifications and ultimately ‘Big Boss’ has to interfere.


Loved and sympathised for being annoyingly stupid:

No matter how much people hate him he has a record hit fan followers or may be people who follow him purely for entertainment.

This proves that although he is a nuisance people still want to be entertained and need a character like him. He gets the sympathy from people for speaking crap.

Here is what Amitabh Bachchan had to say on the launch of his Box Office: (When Big B slams, he slams in style…uhhh or he praises in style)

Big fattu

Just as a dog runs away or shrugs away when caught and goes hiding, KRK masked his name on Twitter.

The story goes like this:

During the election time, KRK tweeted about leaving India if Modi came into power. He fell flat on his face when Modi did actually become the PM of India.

Cover up attempt:

On May 18, 2014 KRK posted a screenshot of that tweet replacing his name with that of SRK. Media went crazy as most of the journalists don’t really look into the matter much and want to go hullaballoo.

He only knows how to f**k like a dog:

After the Sonakshi Sinha controversy he is refraining (I hope) from talking about women’s assets.

His latest tweet is about covering them. He likes girls in salwaar kameez…check out the tweet to know about his latest crush.


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