KICK Review: 10 Reasons Why You Should Watch And Get Salman Khan’s KICK!

A candid review of Salman’s latest movie Kick. The movie offers more than it promised. Eid is made for all Salman fans.

Sallu Bhai is back in Action!!!!

And this time he delivers it, not with a punch, but a solid KICK!!!

With the weekend coming up and all of you making plans to enjoy the weekend getaways in the rainy season, here are 10 very powerful reasons to watch this movie.

1).  110% Entertainment: Almost any Salman Khan movie doesn’t really need a reason to be watched, just because it has Salman in it (no and I don’t mean Saawan, you can skip that). Salman has never been considered to be an “actor”, but his movies are definitely entertaining. And that’s what Kick delivers. 100% Entertainment. Well make that 110% Entertainment, because you get to see the theatrical preview of the Akki starrer too. 

2).   Music: Like every Salman movie, the music of this movie is very appealing and whenever Himesh Reshamiya has teamed up with Salman Khan, they have always managed to deliver. May it be the background score during the intense chases or the songs, the music will not disappoint you. A couple of numbers are already doing great on the music charts. The best part is that the songs aren’t just thrown in. There are not too many of them and provide for a momentary relief from biting your nails during the action scenes. 

3).   Story: Unlike Salman movies, this movie actually has a well written story, rather than it being a Dabang style, Wham, Bam, Good Bye Man. The story though not outstanding is played is well described with the narrative being just adequate and not overboard. There are a few surprises and twists too, but for that you need to spend from your own pockets and go and watch the movie in the theatre. 

4).   Visual Effects: This is a particularly likeable aspect of the movie. The crew of this movie has spared no efforts in making this a visually enthralling movie. May it be the beautifully shot sequences in the middle of Warsaw or the rusty scenes shot in Delhi. The movie appeals to your eye and goes easy on it. I would feel, this movie would be a better watch on the bigger screen than waiting for the DVD to come out. 

5).   Action: This movie cannot be talked about without mentioning the well executed Action sequences. This movie could have easily given a run for the money to any of the Mission Impossible sequels. They have been shot flawlessly and never do you get the feeling of them being a wee bit unbelievable. 

6).   Jacqueline Fernandez’s impromptu dance in the middle of the “Jhumme ki raat”. This girl CAN dance, saala !!! I was left stunned the way Jacqueline grooved to the songs. Took me a couple of minutes before I could actually manage to roll back my tongue and shut my mouth!!! The girl can do much more than just look hot. That’s for sure. 

7).   Supporting Cast: Every character, picked up, seems to be perfectly cast. Whether it is the stoic Mithun da cast as Salman’s Father or whether it is Archana Puran Singh up to her crazy antics or Saurabh Shukla. 

8).   Nargis Fakri: Though most of you must have already watched the Fakri number of the TV promos, watching the entire song is quite a treat. Nargis Fakri seems to be staying in the loop, even if its only due to cameos. The quaint and simple Fakri of Rockstar does a tremendous transformation in this song as a sexy seductress. 

9).   Randeep Hooda: This guy seems like a late starter but is definitely going places. After delivering a mind blowing performance as a kidnapper in Highway, he plays the part of a strict vigilant cop right to the T. Infact, I would say that he is as entertaining to watch in this movie as Salman Khan is ……. And that’s a HUGE compliment anyone can get. 

10).  Nawazuddin Siddiqui: And last but not the least ……….. Our very own next door baddie …. Nawazuddin Siddiqui. I doubt if there is any character that this actor cannot play. This time he plays a snarling, evil, irritating villain. And trust me; he manages to do it all perfectly. Right from the time he comes on the screen you start hating the guy. Infact I have never hated any villain as much as I have hated this one. And when he snarls and clicks and laughs his maniac laughter, you really get pissed off at the dude. A villain you would love to hate. Now that’s what I would call method acting.

The movie drags a bit towards the end as the pace slows down. But then no movie can be perfect. And then again, I think the Director Sajid Nadiadwala needed that extra run time to give out the angles to the story without which the audience wouldn’t have been able to relate to the movie.

Surprisingly, in spite of this movie being an out and out Action Thriller, it also delivers a Social Message. Once you watch the movie, you will realize what gives Sallu Bhai the “Real Kick” no wonder he is the opposite of a Human Being …… Being Human 

And if all those reasons above do not make you want to watch the movie, here is one of the biggest reasons for watching it.

SALMAN KHAN: Just having him up to his routine antics on the screen for 2 and a half hours is totally PAYISA VASOOL!!!!

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