It’s Jail Time For Varun Dhawan! What Did He Do?

Varun Dhawan shoots in Nashik Jail for his next movie, Badlapur. Interestingly, it is a dark thriller and completely opposite to what Varun has been doing till now. Let’s see if he is able to pull it off!

Varun Dhawan in Nashik Jail!

A Shocker of News!

Don’t worry though, the new lad on the block hasn’t done anything wrong, not to anyone’s knowledge at least, to be sent to jail or put behind bars! All that this new heartthrob was doing at Nashik jail was shooting for his next film, Badlapur!

We have seen Varun doing light-hearted roles till now. Being a lover-boy, singing and dancing, showing off glamour is all that he has done in his three-film career till now. What an impressive job even at that! Everyone is singing praises of his spontaneity, youthful energy and superb comic timing, not to forget his amazingly chiseled physique that make the fairer sex drool over him.

Guess, the actor in him has come alive!

That’s why his next project with director Sriram Raghavan of Johnny Gaddar fame is miles away from the popcorn entertainers he has been doing. According to sources, ‘Badlapur is a dark thriller high on violence and sex!

Impressive, isn’t it?

It is for the shoot of a jail sequence for this flick only that Varun went to Nashik jail. He shot there for two days with approximately 2500 real-life inmates! His character in the movie had to meet women convicts and for Varun it was quite a chilling experience. He was obviously shocked to meet some of them personally post shoot and know about their life-stories. If nothing, it must have been a learning experience for sure, kind of understanding the ground realities of life rather than living only in a make-believe world!

The jail visit is still easy compared to what Sriram made him do earlier.

For a scene, Varun had to shoot in a hospital morgue with real corpses! Now, this is called height of realism which truly tests an actor’s ability. To be able to perform in such hostile environment, even if it’s a controlled one, is not an easy task! We will have to wait for the movie to be released to actually know the results, but we’re hoping he would have done a great job!

This change in strategy could also be the result of impact his contemporaries had on him. Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt, who were launched with him in Student of The Year, went on to do serious and different cinema like Highway and Ek Villain. Not only were their performances appreciated by critics and audiences alike, the movies got commercial success as well. Varun seems to be walking on the same path!

Shooting this revenge drama based on a real-life event with none other than acting genius Nawazuddin Siddiqui might also prove to be a milestone in his career.

Here’s wishing good luck to Varun for treading on an unknown path and expanding his horizons!

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