Is Alia Bhatt Suffering From Multiple Personality Disorder?

This story is in regards to conflicting public appearance of Alia Bhatt. She is considered to be future superstar actress and at the same time the whole world makes fun of her. How is it possible?

Is there one Alia Bhatt? Or more?

Or are there multiple clones of her living inside her body with different minds and thoughts?

No one really knows actually and it is slowly becoming a mystery for which we might have to take help from now-dead-but-turning-and-twisting-in-his-grave-with-this-thought, Sherlock Holmes!

Based on her action, interviews and thought process, it is increasingly becoming a part of public debate to find out who the hell is actually Alia Bhatt?

Is she a regular film-family girl who is deservingly on her way to become a superstar actress or is she someone who is hiding something from her fans?

Some dark wild secret about having multiple people living inside her body and mind!

For starters, we have got a glimpse of two people inside her for sure!

One person is a smart, savvy, enormously talented actress who knows what she wants and goes for it. Her small body of work is a testament to this. Right from her debut film, Student of the Year, till her latest offering, Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, she has proved her versatility, talent and ease before the camera.

Absolute natural she is!

This means that at such a young age, she does have script sense and is very comfortable in her skin to be able to perform difficult roles with commendable efficiency.

The second person is obviously the one who is more famous than the actress inside her. This Alia is a girl who is more than eager, rather desperate to always put her foot in her mouth. She is the one who considers brains are for aliens and using whatever little the nature has bestowed upon us between our ears is a sin! That’s the reason there are more jokes on her which go viral, more and more people are getting convinced with the notion that some manufacturing defect has to be there in her for which may be even warrantee period has also lapsed! Either she is caught with an intentional or unintentional ‘panty-show’ while promoting her movies (read: Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya) or she gives wrong answers to easiest of GK questions on a talk show!

Then again she somehow gets her intelligence back and does a spoof on her own intellect which gets her taalis and seetis from everyone.

Isn’t it obvious then that there are at least two Alias?

When the actress Alia is dominant, she gives fabulous performances in movies like Highway and 2 States. When the dumb Alia takes over, she makes a complete fool of herself!

Hope we are proved wrong and it is just a momentary lapse of judgment on her part due to reduced intake of imported almonds (she must be having imported only na, she can afford it!) as she has hectic schedules to follow.

Or may be some jealous actress is getting something mixed in her food to make her act like this in public!

Oh My God!

Well, in case we are proved right, what all other personalities are waiting to come out? Damn, that will make it so interesting!

One Alia and so many avatars? Wow!!

Whatever it is, hope she comes out of this ‘now she is intelligent and now she is dumb’ phase as soon as possible even while she keeps giving us beautiful performances!

Amen to that!

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