Modi takes Congress head-on; calls for its removal from country

He was at his level best when he compared the state with a teenager.

Bhartiya Janata party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi took Congress party head-on today at his rally in the capital of Chhatisgarh. Slamming Congress for its policies and terming its language undemocratic, Modi accused the party of indulging in vote-mongering for remaining in power for its own profit.

Renewing his attack on Congress party president Sonia Gandhi and party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, he took an anti-corruption stand in Raipur.

Accusing the party of hurting poor’s sentiment, he took UPA at hand for the “tea-seller” jibe made by its ally Samajwadi Party on him. Saying that the PA government was playing with poor’s dignity, he accused the party of undermining the power of common man.

In his old style of asking questions from the public, he asked whether Sonia Gandhi was speaking the truth when she was talking about the slow progress in state. Suggesting that she should be prepared before speaking, he said, “thoda homework to kiya karo Madam” (At least do your homework Madam).

Continuing with his “shehzade” rhetoric, he counter attacked Rahul on his theory of “changing the system”. Asking the crowd as to who ruled the country for 60 years and who created the system which was prevailing in the country, Modi punctured Congress vice-president’s theory without even uttering a word.

The crowd was equipped enough to say that Rahul’s congress party and his father Rajiv Gandhi, grandmother Indira Gandhi and great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru created the system.

The attack on the family did not end there. Modi went on saying that the family used the Congress party at its will. Accusing the family of three prime ministers, Modi said that their government messed with country’s progress for its own gains. “The family kept government’s control on market initially. When it failed, it brought reforms. Now the Shehzada is saying that they will bring change,” Modi asserted.

He said that the better way to get away with the power hungry Congress revolving around a family was to wipe it off from the country.

Accusing the Congress party of bad political standards and immorality, he raked up the issue of Congress demanding snatching of Bharat Ratna rom singing legend Lata Mangeshkar for praising and endorsing Modi.

“Lata Mangeshkarji is the singing legend. Every music lover regards her. Her ‘aye mere watan ke logon’ fills our heart with joy and pride. This shameless Congress party wants her Bharat Ratna back because she said that Modi should become prime minister of India,” he said.

Calling the public for fulfilling Mahama Gandhi’s dream, he said that Gandhi too believed that the Congress party should be disbanded after independence as its work was complete. He asked people to wipe the party from the country and end the era of corruption.

He was at his level best when he compared the state with a teenager. He met with applauds when he said that the age of 13 to 18 for teenagers was very important as it makes or breaks a child and that the state of Chhatisgarh was at the same tender age where it needed the best care.

Asking people to vote for chief minister Raman Singh again, Modi ended his speech at a high note.

In the campaign for second phase of election in the state, it was Modi’s second rally from the scheduled four rallies.

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