Hidden Secrets Of Our B-Town Damsels!

We talk about some real-life facts about Bollywood actresses. Fans always want to know more and more about their favorite stars, so here is a compilation of some tit-bits about few glam-dolls!

We all love secrets, don’t we?

Love to keep them, love to share them and love to hear them!

And so does our celebs! They have secrets too!

No matter how much a celebrity claims to have an open public-life, there are always some tiny winy itsy bitsy portions of their lives hidden from us. Well, some of it may be routine, like usual escapades we all experience, but a lot of it can be exciting, inspiring or purely scandalous, for the fact of the matter, that is!

To scintillate your senses and to add a little spice to an otherwise dull Wednesday, we have gathered some remarkable facts about some most popular B-town actresses.

Let us take a sneak-peek into what all they have been hiding from their fans!

Deepika Padukone

This sexy leggy beauty is currently ruling the charts and is being the masaaledaar saleable ingredient to some of the biggest hits of Bollywood. Everyone keeps talking about how much effort she must be throwing in to maintain that perfect hour-glass figure, but very few are aware that she is in fact a die-hard foodie! Yeah, she loves to eat and she eats to her heart’s content. Her favorite is south-Indian cuisine! All the loaded masala-dosas, yummy idlis, fried vadas and spicy rasam hides themselves in which corner of her perfect hot-bod, can you tell?

Vidya Balan

Vidya is measured to be one of the best actresses of the current gen, but do you know that her journey was far from easy. Despite doing wide-ranging television, music videos and advertisements, she had to undergo 40 screen tests and 17 make-up shoots over a period of almost six months before she was finalized for her Bollywood debut, Parineeta! That sounds like a complete redo of her entire life per se! Ahhhh…who said getting a break is easy?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya became Miss World when it wasn’t so common to be a beauty-queen! All her accomplishments were the result of her sheer hard work, undoubtedly! And guess what, she didn’t only rule the splendor world; she excelled in different languages. Last when we counted, she knew how to speak six languages: Tulu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, English and Hindi! Well, she does have a variety in her communication skills. I know three for the starters. How many do you know?

Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti is gradually but steadily becoming the heartthrob of the nation. You know, poor lass hardly had the intention of doing so. All her life she focused on her academics and was a topper all over India in her 12th grade exams. For this incredible feat, she bagged an award from none other than the President of India! Her sharp intellect very clearly reflects in the choice of her films. Wish we had more such padhi-likhi heroines to grace the industry!

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri is named to be the last female superstar Indian Film Industry showcased and no one has been able to emulate her kind of success till now. She won the hearts of the entire nation, going beyond; she created an ardent fan following in many other countries too. She seamlessly blended the classes and masses by serving the performances for diverse sections of the society. The biggest hit of her career, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, which just accomplished 20years of ongoing success, was not only a blockbuster in India but also in the UK where it created new records which are still unbroken! And now comes the best part, hold your hearts folks, coz we are going to tell you that for the movie, she was paid a mind-boggling amount of Rs. 2.75 crores! Unheard, unpaid to any heroine of those times, unprecedented and unbelievable! That talks about her standing in the industry! A true blue superstar she was, and still is!

Well, that is all from our Pandora’s Box for now!

We do hope that these li’l spicy flavored-up pieces of news brought you guys closer to your favorite actresses.

Keep watching this space for some of their REAL SCANDALOUS sides.

We’ll be back soon!

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