Happy Birthday To The Meoww Girl Kat a.k.a Katrina Kaif!

We talk about the birthday girl, Katrina Kaif! Her journey over the years in Bollywood, improvements, link-ups, controversies and her eventual growth as a performer.

Happy Birthday, Kat!

Katrina is becoming cattier with the changing times!

With every passing day, with every new flick, her beauty, and her sex-appeal her scaling the hot-meters!

Good for her fans, we are not complaining at all.

Who would have thought that the good looking model seen in that torture of a movie, Boom, would someday rule Hindi cinema! True, her success is not entirely hers as she got the right support from right people (Read: Salman Khan) at the right time. In short, luck favoured her big time, but still, one can’t take away the arduous amount of hard-work she had put in over the years to reach the pinnacles today!

Being an NRI, not knowing the language in which she had to perform and absolutely unawares with the working of the industry, it must have looked like an impossible task to be a part of Hindi Cine Industry. She did have confidence though that speaks for self.

With undying dedication and genuineness she grabbed every opportunity that came her way to move ahead in this cut-throat world of glamour and cinema. So what if the biggest prospect shined in the gear of Industry’s Baap Salman Khan’s presence in her life. He single-handedly guided her through the initial most grinding years, of course with her audacity in place, she sailed through.

Not only she has improved on her Hindi diction, she also painstakingly became a better actress over the years. Now it is a different matter that even after so many movies, her acting hasn’t broken the records, but who cares! We get to this sultry siren in the Hindi flicks and every other advert on TV; that pretty much satiates her loyal mere mortal fans! Ahem Ahem!

Now that she has established herself as an A-lister as far as her profession goes, she has grown wiser in personal life as well. Finally she started dating someone her age and supposedly the next gen superstar! Who else, but Ranbir Kapoor!  Looks like a smart move there, given the fact that both are almost of the same age, Ranbir is riding up the ladder of success and in the long run can prove to be a better and more successful life-partner. One has to plan a bright future as well, right? Specially when looks can fade and acting might not help much, an established superstar as hubby can give a secure high-flying life! ‘winkwink’

For now, nothing is confirmed though. Both are keeping shut about their relationship, but there are strong rumors that Kat will travel to Corsica in France on her birthday where Ranbir is shooting for his next film with Imtiaz Ali, Tamaasha! The love-birds are supposed to spend her special day together, getting all mushy!

Let’s leave them alone and just send Katrina a bountiful of wishes on her birthday! May she receive all the love and success she is seeking and keep ruling the box-office so that her fans are never devoid of this angelic beauty!

Happy Birthday once again, Katrina Kaif!

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